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Daily Racing Rag Special Report ERIC CANTOR EXCLUSIVE! If everybody else had these stories they wouldn't be exclusive.
ERIC CANTOR'S FASHION NATION Lifeline Channel's continuing series of second careers special presentations this time focuses on former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. After the most humiliating political defeat of this century Cantor turned to a second career in men's fashion. It's a natural fit for Cantor whose aloof manner and arrogant personality are far more suited to an international clothing designer than a constituent services politician. Without the necessity to check his self-absorption Cantor's creative talents have blossomed and his new career is booming. His sophisticated Southern drawl has now acquired a distinctive European sounding affectation.
JUMP STEET is a new feature film documenting the inside story of the rise and especially the fall of Eric Cantor. After a humiliating upset defeat in the GOP primary in his Virginia district, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor becomes despondent and jumps off the U.S. Capitol building. Then in a series of flashbacks with the voice of God (Morgan Freeman) Cantor is forced to revisit every instance in his life where he told hurtful lies and every time he executed a back stabbing scheme. God makes Cantor witness the faces of every person Cantor brought to despair so similar to his all the while as he hurtles to the ground. After nearly 90 minutes of embarrassingly wicked replays of Cantor's life Cantor begs God for forgiveness. Miraculously Cantor falls unharmed on a soggy patch of lawn as God's voice thunders...NEXT TIME
INSURGENCY - THE REVOLUTION BEGINS is a fast paced political action series that will take on HOMELAND in an increasingly crowded genre. Joking it was the only way to negotiate with President Obama the House GOP leadership grew their beards out over the summer leading up to the midterm election. But when the National Rifle Association honored Islam as the world's most pro gun religion a behind the scenes coup began taking shape. The Republican party had already moved right of the Taliban but it took a bumper Afghanistan heroin crop to out spend the established international oligarch interests running the country from afar. After the election the House leadership suddenly seizes control of the American government and heads literally roll down Pennsylvania Ave. Rated Bloody.
Besides explaining the shame children of illegal immigrants should feel if they don't turn in their parents and become snitches on other illegal immigrants in their neighborhoods, Captain Cantor emphasizes the three R's regularly... Republicanism, Resistance to Obamacare and Remember Benghazi.
Cantor unveils House GOP emigration plan.
UPDATE! SPEAKER BOEHNER RE-ELECTED! Coup attempt falls two votes short of forcing second ballot!
Cantor Plots Coup! Republican right wing rage at Boehner gives Cantor opportunity for takeover.
Soulless reptile and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is coiled to strike if he can gather the votes to challenge Boehner for the Speakership. Lizard-like Cantor has never had a better opportunity after the inept performance of Speaker Boehner in handling the self-imposed fiscal cliff crisis followed by his killing of the Sandy disaster relief bill which caused even die hard Republicans to go seriously ballistic. January 3, 2013. Republican Reptile Report
Eric Cantor is a cold blooded reptile.
Revenge Of Republican Reptiles! Sandy disaster relief bill dead. Immediately after voting against the fiscal cliff bill soulless reptile and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor wasted no time injecting a painful poisonous revenge into victorious Democratic constituencies by joining Speaker Boehner in killing a bill providing emergency disaster relief funds for victims of hurricane Sandy in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The cold blooded Republican leadership cares nothing of Americans except as carcasses to feed on. January 2, 2013. Republican Reptile Report
Eric Cantor is a cold blooded reptile.
GOP Stooges Block Vote In House! Boehner still holding middle class tax cuts hostage!
If Speaker Boehner would allow a House vote on the Senate passed bill to continue the tax cuts for 98% of Americans and 97% of small businesses the bill would pass but Boehner could possibly lose his position as Speaker in an angry right wing mutiny. As usual, tea party Republicans in the House have put their own personal political agenda above the well being of the American people December 10, 2012. Stooge House News
GOP stooges block the vote
Republican's election strategy goes to shit! Emergency GOP Strategy Session!
Unemployment lowest since Obama took office!
Republican Congressional leaders held an emergency strategy session but were unable to develop any new coherent strategy or consensus after a chaotic discussion. Up until the latest jobs numbers came out, the GOP strategy was simple; Congressional obstructionism to everything President Obama proposes, spreading the message of pessimism and doom, discouraging businesses to hire or invest by creating artificial crisis after crisis in Congress and hoping that the slowly recovering economy tailspins into the toilet just in time for the 2012 elections in November. The possibility of a rapidly improving economy on election day has a stooge fest of GOP Congressional leaders plotting to increase their ongoing sabotage of the U.S. economy in order to win more seats and more power.
February 3, 2011. Congressional Stooge News
Eric Cantor - Traitor To America and Corporate Zombie. Traitor To America & Corporate Zombie
Eric Cantor tells "growing mobs" of construction workers, veterans & teachers to phuck off.
Eric Cantor is a cynical, soulless, black-eyed agent of greed and the devil's personal Congressman. He is a Tea Party terrorist who has no friends even in the Tea Party. The GOP Representative from Virginia is despised by tens of millions of middle-class Americans. His own family has disowned him and is in hiding. As House majority leader he has blocked emergency disaster aid, sabotaged the American economy and refused to allow a vote on the American Jobs Act.
October 7, 2011. Capitol Building Catacombs.
Cantor takes another million hostages. Another Million Hostages!
House Majority Leader Cantor says no to jobs for U.S. construction workers.
Eric Cantor has become the most despised elected Representative in America. After voting for over $160 billion spending in Afghanistan and Iraq in this year alone, Rep. Cantor recently said no to money for non-Virginia disaster relief right here in America. The Tea Party terrorist is now opposing all non-Virginia jobs from infrastructure construction right here in America. 49 out of 50 non-Virginian Americans should be disgusted by Cantor and pray the power mad little prick's anti-American reign of terror ends soon.
September 13, 2011. Cantor Mansion Foyer
Cantor takes 1.5 million hostages. Cantor Takes 1.5 Million Hostages!
GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says no disaster relief without offsetting budget cuts.
Cantor insists any hurricane Irene disaster assistance to New Jersey, New York and Vermont be paid for by offsetting budget cuts. This would be the first time in United States history for such a restriction, including 64 other disasters FEMA responded to so far in 2011. Cantor's position is cruel and unAmerican earning him the title "Public Enemy Number One". Cantor has voted for over $1 trillion dollars in funding for wars without offsetting budget cuts.
September 2, 2011. Cantor Mansion Foyer
SUPER BOWL SCANDAL! Conservative Congressman Christopher Lee R-NY sacked. Lee was playing for sex via Craig's List when his careless email including a shirtless photo was intercepted. Lee, who is 46 and married, claimed to be 39 and single while looking for a conservative adulterous relationship based on trust and family values. February 9, 2011. GOP X-List
Super Bowl Scandal?
GOP Seeks Hefty Tax Cuts For Millionaires!
Boehner calls tax cuts for 98% of Americans "chicken crap".
Despite more than two-thirds of the country against tax cuts for millionaires, including the vast majority of Tea Party voters, the GOP leadership of John Boehner in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate have made tax cuts for millionaires their number one national priority. To the GOP nothing is more important than tax cuts for the superrich.
December 4, 2010. GOP Society Weekly
GOP announces tax cuts for millionaires as #1 national priority.
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