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Super Bowl Scandal?
SUPER BOWL SCANDAL! Conservative Congressman Christopher Lee R-NY sacked.
Lee was playing for sex via Craig's List when his careless email including a shirtless photo was intercepted. Lee, who is 46 and married, claimed to be 39 and single while looking for a conservative adulterous relationship based on trust and family values. February 9, 2011. GOP X-List
Miller Sues, Says It's Not Time!
Miller's time has run out but he refuses to concede defeat in Alaska Senate race. Palin favorite and Tea Party backed Republican Joe Miller finished behind Lisa Murkowski by over 10,000 votes and is only contesting 8,000 votes but has filed a state lawsuit to stop the election from being certified with Murkowski as the winner. Miller is more contrarian than libertarian and has consistently used a different form of arithmetic throughout his losing campaign. He goes against the grain in all matters and the Palin protege could have been the worst U.S. Senator in history. He may already be the worst loser as Republican and Tea Party leaders in Alaska and throughout the lower 49 states have called for an end to Miller time. Those media spotlights are intoxicating and Miller has had a few too many.
November 27, 2010. Alaska State Courthouse
Miller has sued the election results in Alaska state court.
Tea Party Extremists Vow To Impose Sharron Law In Nevada!
Right-wing libertarian/conservative Sharron Angle throws her stones at Harry Reid.
Outside secret donor groups have filled Angle's campaign coffers with over $20 million, five times the amount of native Nevadans. More than 80% of the negative television anti-Reid attack ads were paid for by those secret donor organizations. All that came in addition to megabucks from the usual Republican Party treasure chest. Senator Harry Reid was the number one priority of a vindictive national Republican organization this year and Angle is a symbolic pawn useful to national power brokers like Karl Rove because she stands against practically everything and for absolutely nothing. Her one and only message is that she is not Harry Reid. She recently issued a decree refusing to answer any reporter questions until after she is elected.
October 28, 2010. Henderson Valley Rock Toss Rally
Nevada extremists poised to impose Sharron Law
Meg courted far right wing GOP base in primary.Meg exempted select peace officers from her pension reform plan in exhange for union endorsement. N.O.W. called Meg a political whore.Latino voters said they wouldn't want to work for Meg. Meg Booed As $174 Million Yacht Sinks!
Meg booed by 14,000 at a women's conference.
Meg's early pandering to far right wing conservatives in the primary race set the pace. Then she horse traded a pension reform exemption for union backing. But the big blow was reaction to Meg's treatment of her illegal immigrant housekeeper. Most Latinos polled said they wouldn't want to work for Meg and many Latino crew members who had been on board abandoned yacht.
October 27, 2010. GOP California Marina
Wolf Blitzer is hunting down Joe Miller by small aircraft.Joe Miller up close and personal in his Alaska cave. Wolf Hunts Politician By Small Aircraft!
Private security muscle announce Alaska GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller will be a no show for up close and personal interview.
Wolf Blitzer's CNN producers say they will track down the elusive candidate by small aircraft and shoot an interview with the hirsute Joe Miller even if they have to chase the Palin-backed Tea Party favorite all across the vast Alaskan wilderness. Grizzly weather conditions, Sarah Palin PAC men and a snarling pack of beefy body guards will not deter Wolf Blitzer, right now, from shooting this interview.
October 26, 2010. GOP Fortress Of Solitude Media Waiting Lounge
Angle Tells Reid "Man Up, Harry!"
Sharron Angle mimics Palin language and tactics by ignoring her unpopular positions on issues to repeatedly and endlessly hammer Senator Reid's manhood.
She opposes almost everything Nevadans favor but that makes no difference to many voters who are angry and obsessed with the spitting contest that has gotten as unpleasant as the seedy side of Las Vegas. Starting out the underdog, Angle is running as ugly a campaign as Nevada has ever seen. On jobs and the economy she says "Man Up, Harry". On the deficit and financial reform she says "Man Up, Harry". On education, immigration, and healthcare she's unwavering in her rhetoric. "Man Up, Harry, Man Up Harry and Man Up Harry". When she gets off message, like when she called a Latino group Asians, she has less success so she intends to bust Harry Reid's balls all the way to election day.
October 22, 2010. Man's World Spa and Tobacco Lodge Las Vegas
Sharron Angle enjoys a manly cigar while busting Harry Reid's balls.
Miller is proud to be anti almost everything especially questions. Miller Don't Want No More Questions!
Private security muscle for the Palin-backed Alaska GOP Senate candidate detains reporter in handcuffs for asking question.
Joe Miller has his way of doing things and if you don't like it you can say hello to his little friends who happen to be armed security contractors. Miller is almost completely unknown to most Alaskans but he has been angered and his "no questions" decree is because you are pissing him off and he's had it with your goddam questions and curiosity about who he is. Miller recently warned that personal questions of any kind would no longer be tolerated from anybody. His platform of ideas for Alaska and America is unique. He's against federal earmarks, the income tax, Social Security, Medicare, unemployment benefits and entitlement payments to anybody for anything. The Tea party backed candidate is even against being called a Tea Party candidate.
October 21, 2010. Alaska GOP Fortress Of Solitude
Delaware GOP Drinks Tea Party Brew!
Delaware Republican primary voters may have been under the spell of bewitching Christine O'Donnell's magical charm.
Establishment Republicans were upset with her primary victory because it makes it more difficult for Republicans to regain control of the Senate. Tea Party favorite O'Donnell was able to best a popular Republican Representative, Mike Castle, after not being given much of a chance to win the Senate nomination. She does have a magical sparkle and charm but she will need that and more because three weeks before election day she trails the favored Democratic candidate, Chris Coons, by 19 percentage points and will need a real magic trick to pull out a general election victory. Whether or not she's ever been a witch is of no concern to national Republican leaders but those same leaders have ordered more voodoo dolls than they usually do.
October 15, 2010. Timonium Fireworks Warehouse and Halloween Supply
O'Donnell may be the cutest witch in politics.
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