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Daily Racing Rag Special Report TEA PARTY EXCLUSIVE! If everybody else had these stories they wouldn't be exclusive.
UPDATE: after TEA PARTY COP KILLER ads were banned from FOX WHITE television news the buddy cop drama surged to the top box office spot in America.
TEA PARTY COP KILLERS is a new feature film from Spike Lee and Lee Daniels starring Ice-T and Mr.T as detectives hunting for one or more cop killers who leave autographed Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz pictures on their victims. Police cadet detectives ruled out Sarah Palin as a suspect and had tracked the murders down to having been committed by someone who had met Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin but could find no further clues. Mr. T is recruited to go undercover and starts attending Tea Party events but when he finally infiltrates the evil arm of the inner circle a.k.a. TEA PARTY COP KILLERS he finds out his gym buddy from the old precinct played by Ice-T is the next victim and Mr. T has just minutes to save his pal. Along the way the strip club scene with Allen West playing the Tea Party's favorite pimp and a dozen big booty shaking dancers is worth the price of admission. The soundtrack is an awesome compilation of songs by Ice-T, T-Dawg, T-Rex, T-Bone Burnett and Booker T and the MGs.
Oklahoma! GOP Senators voted against disaster relief for Sandy victims want money!
GOP/Tea Party favorites from the backward state of Oklahoma, Senators James Inhofe and Tom Coburn, set a new record for flagrant foul hypocrisy. Despite sending bad actors to the U.S. Senate Oklahoma tornado victims do deserve federal help . May 23, 2013. Political Theatre Review
Oklahmoma Senators voted against disaster relief for other states.
Republican Turkeys Got The Bird! Voters sent message they want more than white meat.
The GOP all-white meat turkey menu will remain mostly unchanged for now. It's GOP tradition not to change. November 16, 2012. White Meat Minority Report
Republican tea party juvenile delinquents voted out of office.
Romney said the Tea Party was like a ferret in the dishwasher.
Mitt Romney Once Said The Tea Party Is Like A Ferret In The Dishwasher! They're so angry and frightened they even bite people who try to help them. None other than Mitt Romney is the author of that platitude about the Tea Party. Romney was consoling a Senate Republican primary loser in Utah when he came up with that articulate adage. As usual for Mitt, the quote got out and now he has to pretend he didn't say it so he can face those frenzied ferrets in a Tampa dishwasher because heavy rain is predicted for the Republican National Convention. By now, however, Republicans have seen Mitt lie so many times that another lie means less than zero. Romney/Ryan is their ticket and they're sticking with it.
August 15, 2012. The Adage Report
Tea Party Moses Sent Women Back! Dissenters accused real Moses of phony theology.
The tea-drinking al-Santorum sect thought Moses coddled women by not demanding absolute obedience 100% of the time. Tea Party Moses, as he was known, had heated confrontations for months in the desert wilderness with the real Moses until he finally led a small sect away and back in the direction of the Pharaoh. The women in the dissident sect tried their best to obey and please the al-Santorum men but in the scorching heat of the Egyptian sun it was impossible. When the group finally reached the Red Sea, Tea Party Moses sold the women into slavery and they were returned to the Pharaoh. The group then moved on and established an all-male community that eventually disappeared due to the lack of progeny. February 22, 2012. Bible Believe-it-or-Not
Tea Party Moses sent women back to Pharaoh!
Race Moves To Tea Party Paradise! Race Moves To Tea Party Paradise! A police state so nice Sarah Palin bought a hacienda.
The GOP debate comes to Arizona where you'll find white people who own guns and Latino prisoners who wear pink. Latinos are still called Mexicans even if they're native born Americans. In Arizona, politics are as simple as brown or white because simple sells tea in Tea Party paradise.
February 21, 2012. Assault Rifle Magazine
GOP logo now on Tea Party. GOP Logo Now On Tea Party!
From Alaska to Delaware, 2010 has been the year Tea Party candidates led a thundering stampede onto the political landscape and deep rooted establishment candidates were ripped out like old trees in a hurricane.
However, facing the need for huge amounts of money and the ever more professional campaign skills needed to win general elections, the renegade rogue bulls from the wild have now joined the domesticated herd of elephants. The GOP logo is now on the porcelain tea pot and the raging bull candidates have had their etiquette lessons for tip-toeing around the gift shop so as not to break the delicate knickknack artifacts also known as the old boys who still own all Republican commerce in Washington DC. Democratic party coffee drinkers point out that even with the GOP logo the tea pot being sold is still "All spout and no handle."
October 12, 2010. George's Washington Mall Souvenir Shop
Tea Party Pottery.
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