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Paul positioned well for 2016! Paul Positioned Well For 2016! He'll only be 80 years old. The Ron Paul revolution may seem like it's in slow motion but to older Americans four years goes by like a long weekend for teenagers. Ron Paul has the youngest supporters of any Republican candidate as all the other Republicans have a serious lack of support from voters under 30. According to many polls President Obama may win that age group by as much as 40 percentage points. But President Obama won't be running in 2016 which leaves the door open for Ron Paul to make another run at the White House.
February 18, 2012. Sun City Senior News
Ron Paul Takes The High Road! The cause of liberty and personal freedom towers above the ego-fueled politics of destruction. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are all about Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. They bend the ideas and values written into the Constitution anyway the wind is blowing so long as it's good for their campaigns of raw ambition and greed. Ron Paul may not win the Republican nomination but he will emerge from the contest with his integrity and he will still be promoting liberty, freedom and adherence to the Constitution. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich will continue to say absolutely anything including lie after lie after lie in order to promote their personal grandiose ambitions but no matter who wins they are already coated with an indelible layer of slime. Participation in this year's Republican primaries has been far less than in 2008 reflecting voter revulsion at the two sleazeball frontrunners. February 6, 2012. Rocky Mountain High Times
Ron Paul takes the high road!
Ron Paul blasted Newt Gingrich for being a chicken hawk. Paul Calls Out Chicken Hawk!
Angry Paul blasts tough talking politicians who avoided military service!
Of all the candidates only Ron Paul and Rick Perry ever served in the military. Newt Gingrich got a deferment from serving in Viet Nam because of his first wife and two children. Ron Paul was also drafted with a wife and two children but did not shirk his duty to America and served with honor. Paul called it his pet peeve saying people like Gingrich who avoided military service when they had the chance to serve had no right to send young Americans into wars. Ron Paul has received more donations from active duty military personnel than all other candidates combined.
January 7, 2012. New Hampshire Farms Debate
Ron Paul says we should try diplomacy instead of bombs. Ron Paul Is No Peace Puppy!
America's defense does not require endless wars and world domination!
America currently borrows money from China to maintain military bases in 130 nations around the globe. All the Republican candidates except Ron Paul are promising increased military spending and an insane preemptive attack and all out war on Iran without raising a dime to pay for it, without the legal justification for a war and without a legal declaration of war by the U.S. Congress as required by the U.S. Constitution. Paul alone understands that a majority of Americans, including many millions of Republicans, are beyond sick to death of stupid endless undeclared wars and the stupid tough-talking power-crazed politicians that start and promote wars for personal political gain or satisfaction of simple evil blood lust.
December 30, 2011. Des Moines Dog & Pony
Romney has a showdown coming with Ron Paul! Wild Willard Romney vs.Ron Paul Bunyan!
Iowa showdown coming.
So far it's been Romney versus "The Gang That Can't Shoot Straight". But now in the final week until Iowa votes, Ron Paul Bunyan, the man with a trillion dollar axe is surging like a flow of Ponderosa pine logs coming down a mountain river.
December 27, 2011. Iowa Okay Corral Blog
When it comes to cuts see Ron Paul Bunyan. Speak Softly And Carry A Big Axe!
When it comes to cuts see Ron Paul Bunyan!
Ron Paul is the most ardent Congressional budget cutter of all time. His voting against new government spending more times than anybody else in Congressional history earned him the nickname "Dr. No". Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) has voted against new government spending time after time after time for his entire career. He has been the lone NO vote on spending more times than anybody can count. Now that budget cutting has become a frenzy the other candidates still only propose gimmicks like slowing the rate of growth in spending and not actually making any real or unpopular cuts. Except for Ron Paul Bunyan, that is. If the issue of axing government spending is a GOP voter priority in the primary elections, Ron Paul towers over the other candidates and should do extremely well. Paul stands alone among the candidates in advocating slashing $1 trillion in military spending, ending the failed war on drugs, and saving the United States government hundreds of billions of dollars by keeping it's nose out of everybody's personal and private business. Ron Paul spares no trees in the forest and even if you like him he intends take his axe to some government spending that you and everybody you know are going to want to be continued. Compared to the experience and leadership Ron Paul has shown on the issue of government financial responsibility, the other candidates are like children with a $500,000 revolving line of credit at Tiffany's Toy Store.
December 11, 2011. Federal New Growth Forest.
Value Voters Prez Discounts Ron Paul Straw Vote Victory!
C'mon, we're a chicken-shit organization at best.
Family Research Council President and top cock, Tony Perkins, didn't like the fact that Ron Paul won with 37% of the vote. Perkins said the Ron Paul campaign unfairly influenced the poll by busing supporters to the Value Voters Summit. Perkins went on to say that true conservatives never ride the bus anywhere and therefore Ron Paul's victory is not reflective of the national conservative mood that the bogus Family Research Council ludicrously purports to represent.
October 10, 2011. Value Voters Straw Barn
Ron Paul wins conservative Values Voters straw poll.
The Ron Paul Experience. Have You Ever Been Experienced? Well Ron Paul Has!
Ron Paul was trying to change the Republican Party when rivals were bawling babies needing a change of diapers.
He's forgotten more than the others have learned but says he thinks that's not a problem. So far in the Republican debates Ron Paul hasn't been attacked for outliving Old Man River but Texas Governor Rick Perry has considered accepting an unproven scientific theory called carbon dating if it helps prove Ron Paul is too old to be President or if any carbon people needing dates will vote for Perry.
September 24, 2011. RKO Newsreel Vault.
Paul wins California GOP Straw Poll!
Ron Paul wins 44% of the straw, Rick Perry 29% and Mitt Romney 8%.
Republican Party Conventioneers cast over 800 votes at the event. Republicans have become an endangered species in California since George W. Bush. Not a single Republican holds statewide elective office. A flood of first time GOP voters could give Ron Paul a chance at winning the Republican primary in 2012. Unlike Texas, most California voters overwhelmingly do not want pig-headed anti-science candidates that deny climate change and evolution as unproven scientific theories. Anti-gay and fear mongering rhetoric from Michele Bachmann draws a short straw as well. Ron Paul has won a whole barn full of straw polls in the past but he has never won a statewide Republican presidential primary election. 2012 offers more hope for the Ron Paul barn than ever before.
September 19, 2011. Hay GOP! Barn Party.
Ron Paul wins California Straw Poll.
Tea Party Crowd Cheers Death!
GOP healthcare solutions after Obamacare delight bloodthirsty partisans.
Ron Paul had the Tea Party debate audience cheering for death when he explained that dying for lack of health insurance is called freedom. Last week the biggest cheer was for 234 state executions of human beings put to death in Texas.
September 14, 2011. Tea Party Death Rally II
Ron Paul explains freedom.
Pretty In Pink! Awards Shows Shockers!
Oscar awards surprise upstaged by Tea Party straw poll shocker.
It was only a mild surprise to see James Franco pretty in a pink dress considering he was cohosting the entertainment event of the year, but it was absolutely shocking when pizza king turned Atlanta conservative radio rant jockey, Herman Cain, came out ahead of Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney in the live straw poll among tea people in attendance at the Tea Party straw poll rally and rant event held in Phoenix, Arizona. As expected, Ron Paul was the online straw poll winner with 125% of the vote.
February 28, 2011. Phoenix Tea People Awards Show.
Ron Paul wins CPAC Straw Poll. Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll!
Texas Congressman Ron Paul pulled 30% of the straws to win first place in the 2012 GOP Presidential straw poll at the annual CPAC convention.
The Conservative Politcal Action Committee has been wrong almost every time they've held their straw poll but the supporters of Ron Paul think maybe three times is the charm since this will be the third time Ron Paul has run for President. The anti-war Ron Paul may be more acceptable to the mainstream GOP with the war in Iraq no longer the biggest issue in the race.
February 12, 2011. Washington AgriDome
The Ron Paul Revolution is alive. Ron Paul's Revolution Is Alive!
The election of Ron Paul's son, Rand, as Kentucky's U.S. Senator, suggests the ideological beliefs of Ron Paul may suddenly become mainstream.
If a Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign catches fire like it did in 2008 and you add the Tea Party superstar Rand Paul it's a father and son tag team ticket that might be unstoppable. Independents might register Republican to vote for a family instead of a family values slogan. Ron Paul ran miles better in 2008 than he gets credit for. As a huge underdog, Ron Paul almost stopped the doomed McCain nomination. If the great spirit of his former national campaign operation were to rise to life from the ashes with the powerful energy directed by the warrior son the great powwow in the sky will be seen by all on the face of the clouds.
November 26, 2010. Paul Family Indian Guides
Ron Paul dreams of what America's values used to be. Ron Paul Remembers What America's Values Used To Be!
There was a time when freedom was an American tradition. Long before the bankers took over and allowed the military industrial complex to loot the wealth of the nation,
there was an era of great personal dreams and ambition to accomplish great things and achieve never before done achievements. It is no coincidence that Ron Paul is the candidate most concerned about the loss of the great American traditions of individuality and self-reliance. He's the only candidate old enough to remember when Americans routinely held such high hopes and expectations of themselves. It was a time of visionaries and freedom came without a ten-page contractual obligation. Paul reportedly woke up from his afternoon nap feeling refreshed.
October 6, 2010. Dr. Paul's Imaginarium of Southwest Texas
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