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Daily Racing Rag Special Report HARRY REID EXCLUSIVE! If everybody else had these stories they wouldn't be exclusive.
HOW TO PLAY TOGETHER AND ALL THAT JAZZ After several months of amateur hour fumbles fits and starts it became obvious to all that Republicans could no more govern America than they could turn back time. The GOP somehow became an out of tune garage band with an endless parade of whiny voice wannabe lead singers and no musicians who can play together without fighting. Democrats are a smooth jazz combo and nearly a symphony orchestra by comparison when it comes to a cooperative spirit and harmony. Republicans are so far out of sync with each other and so constantly angry that even they start to realize the noise they make is anything but music to the ears of Americans. How long will Americans listen to the gawdawful noise coming from Republicans? You'll have to watch the movie to find out.
AT WORLD'S END AGAIN is the sequel to the prequel and once again the action finds Captains Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell searching desperately to find a sea lane by which to escape the whirlpool they keep sailing around in circles. This time both Captains are on the same ship and tensions are incredibly high because of a mutinous tea drinking crew and the fact that half the world's gold and treasure is in the cargo hold. A sinking could spawn a tsunami sized economic ripple effect worldwide. Only On Bermuda's Triangle TV Network.
AT WORLD'S END AGAIN opens yesterday.
McConnell Cries Uncle! Reid bests McConnell without using the dreaded nuclear option. A humiliated Senate Minority Leader McConnell hastily agreed to approve pending Administration cabinet selections soon after his protests of the end of the world turned to little piggy squeals. July 16, 2013. Senate Wrestlemania
McConnell surrenders.
Harry Reid Calls Out Schoolyard Bully! Ted Cruz tries to takeover Senate locker room. The very junior Senator from Texas has been in town only a few months but has pissed off everybody with his in-your-face insults, taunting, mocking and aggressive bullying behavior like banging heads into lockers. A schoolyard rumble may turn into a full scale prison yard riot and backstabbing if this foreign-born Texas carpetbagger isn't sent to detention soon. May 11, 2013. Western Daily News
Reid complains about schoolyard bully.
Ahoy Captain Reid!
Harry Reid steers record boatload of bills through Senate waters.
The Obama Tax Compromise passed, Don't Asked Don't Tell was repealed, the START arms limitation treaty with Russia was ratified and the biggest overhaul of food safety legislation in 70 years were on the checklist of items completed during the most productive lame duck legislative session in 45 years. Harry Reid was the man responsible for charting a course, scheduling and navigating the many items to passage through rough sailing in the legislative waters of the Senate. Nobody in either party expected so much to get accomplished in so little time but apparently the November election made some lawmakers more aware of what they should have been doing in the first place.
December 21, 2010. Senator Lakes D.C.
Harry Reid steered a record boatload of bills through Senate waters.
Reid Pair Still Big!
Senator plays ballsy hand squeezing legal online poker into fragile tax bill.
The Reid online gaming plan would legalize online poker operations in Nevada and New Jersey. Horse racing states like Kentucky would be allowed to operate online wagering for horse races. Both Democratic and Republican degenerate-gambler horse-playing poker addicts have no greater ally in Congress than Harry Reid.
December 9, 2010. D.C. Downtown Casino
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Revisit the 2012 Presidential Derby!
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