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Bachmann goes running in New Hampshire! Michele Bachmann Goes Running In New Hampshire!
She's not officially in the race but neither is anybody else...
Bachmann's not waiting for Sarah Palin to show up with a book to sell. The Minnesota Representative is making her own face time with Tea Party people who twitter with glee about her rally rhetoric and celebrity status. Bachmann channels the nation's founding fathers with lines like "Don't tell me what kind of light bulbs to buy". She's prone to making gaffes and rewriting American history but her frequent flubs may not matter. If she keeps working this hard she'll find plenty of support in New Hampshire.
March 14, 2011. Ham & Tea Party Luncheon.
The Bottom Three!
It's not easy to get free media attention.
They give speeches and compete in conservative straw polls but the mainstream media takes little notice. Former pizza mogul Herman Cain won a straw poll in Phoenix by feeding a hungry crowd free pizza with rhetorical red meat toppings. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has found support by calling for marijuana legalization but many of his people fear driving stoned in Arizona. FOX sycophant John Bolton opines for preemptive nuclear attack on Iranian nuclear facilities but that doesn't poll well in Arizona where the Mexican drug cartels are the enemy of choice.
March 2, 2011. After Party BBQ.
The bottom 3, Cain, Johnson, Bolton go begging for attention!
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