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Breaking News Rand Paul Selects Running Mate! Paul also plans to sue the NSA. Most Republicans are calling Edward J. Snowden a traitor but Rand Paul says he's a whistle blower and plans to use the classified information leaked as a basis for his Presidential campaign in 2016. June 25, 2013. Whistle Blower Weekly
Rand Paul selects running mate.
Sarah Palin Impossible To Ignore! Palin is back on FOX and attracting attention. After five months confinement in the Twitterverse Sarah Palin made a triumphant return to FOX news where she openly displayed her passionate positions that are all but impossible to ignore. June 19, 2013. TV Weekly Reader
Palin returns to FOX news.
Game Of Knowns! Familiar faces will reappear in coming seasons. At every turn life seems full of treachery and betrayals and yet at the same time somewhere someplace perhaps far away perhaps nearby a new reason for hope takes flight. Hope for a free and prosperous era of liberty and dignity and void of the slave masters who oppress so many and fill their lives with hardship and suffering. June 9, 2013. Westeros Raven Reporter
Hope for the future.
Let It End! Lady Bachmann's final desperate attempt to repeal Obamacare fails. Lady Bachmann was doomed from the beginning but right up until the end she was too absorbed in her vain quest for more power and fame to realize that the people did not support her efforts. June 7, 2013. Westeros Raven Reporter
Let it end.
Christie Feels Like A Wizard! Says he learned it all from marks on paper. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was on a massive sugar high using his new found powers to convert a normal New Jersey election into a muddled mishmash clustermuffin to be held on two different days three weeks apart. June 6, 2013. NJ Game Of News
Christie feels like a wizard.
Christie Fails To Appoint Conservative! New Jersey Senate seat opened after death of incumbent. The conservative's favorite Bridge Commissioner Tywin Lannister made a name for himself when he suggested hanging the corpses of fare cheats from New Jersey's toll bridges. June 5, 2013. NJ Game Of News
Christie feels pressure to appoint conservative.
Murdoch Bio-Pic Due This Summer! An insider's look at the billionaire media mogul's limousine lifestyle. The story of an angry little Australian boy who grew up and made a fortune then turned 80 with a sexy Asian wife and factual dysfunction syndrome or FDS. June 4, 2013. Summer Movie Pre-Cog News
Behind The Propaganda
GOP Message Rejected By Young Voters! Rush Limbaugh says we don't need the little bastards. The Republican party's own research polling and focus groups show the GOP has completely lost the generation of under 30 voters due to GOP positions on almost all issues. June 3, 2013. Focus Group Folks Report
Rush says GOP doesn't need younger generation.
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Revisit the classic 2012 Presidential Derby... Obama vs. Romney
Revisit the classic 2012 Presidential Derby 2012horserace.com Revisit the classic 2012 Presidential Derby
Obama led wire to wire and was still moving like a winner down the stretch! November 6, 2012
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Romney Popularity Plummets Out Of Orbit! Exiled landslide loser may join asteroid belt. Mitt Romney's popularity numbers have continued to fall like lead bricks since his humiliating defeat on election day. November 28, 2012. Astral Ejection News
Romney popularity plummets since election defeat.
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Al-Awlaki's Final Seconds On Tape!
Hellfire missile finds American-born terrorist in Yemen desert.

Anwar al-Awlaki was humming along in his just-washed 1988 Mercedes Benz on the main highway crossing the hot Yemeni desert in the Al Jawf region and talking jihad with Samir Kahn, his webmaster and only other known American-born al-Qaeda terrorist, and then...Byaaaaang! He's soot. President Obama announced the development adding we've run out of influential American-born radical al-Qaeda terrorists to vaporize.
October 6, 2011. Yemen Blockbuster Video.
Anwar al-Awlaki's Final Seconds
Revisit the classic 2008 Presidential Derby... Obama vs. McCain
2008HORSERACE.com Revisit the classic 2008 Presidential Derby Revisit the classic 2008 Presidential Derby Revisit the classic 2008 Presidential Derby