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Ahoy Captain Reid!
Harry Reid steers record boatload of bills through Senate waters.
The Obama Tax Compromise passed, Don't Asked Don't Tell was repealed, the START arms limitation treaty with Russia was ratified and the biggest overhaul of food safety legislation in 70 years were items completed during the most productive lame duck legislative session in 45 years. Harry Reid was the man responsible for charting a course and navigating the many items to passage through rough sailing in the legislative waters of the Senate. Nobody expected so much to get accomplished in so little time but apparently the November election made some lawmakers more aware of what they should have been doing in the first place.
December 21, 2010. Senator Lakes D.C.
Harry Reid steered a record boatload of bills through Senate waters.
Gingrich sees political gain in riling Russians.
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich opposes the START nuclear arms limitation treaty with Russia. The treaty is supported by the White House, the Joint Chiefs, the State and Defense Departments, the Allied Commanders of NATO and all former U.S. Secretaries of State. Gingrich has never served in the military but has an office near Oliver North at FOX news.
December 18, 2010. Fort Fox Command Center
Bloomberg Out!
"No way, No how!" says Mike Bloomberg to 2012 Presidential bid.
Start spreading the news, Bloomberg will remain King of the Hill, Top O' the Heap and A-number one. Hizzoner says he isn't leaving town. After a speech last week rumors were swirling but Mike addressed them and said he will not run for President in 2012. Bloomberg says he wants to be remembered as the best mayor in New York City history. A doomed $200 million dollar attempt to buy the U.S. Presidency would likely overwhelm and taint his NYC legacy.
December 13, 2010. Bloomberg Tower NYC
Bloomberg outs self from Presidential bid.
Mike Huckabee builds $2.2 million White House replica in Florida. Mike Huckabee aka MegaMint!
Builds $2.2 million White House replica.
Mike Huckabee will soon be living in his own White House. With the big money Huckabee earns selling books and his vision for America on his FOX cable talk show, Huck has built an impressively huge white columned mansion in Florida using many design elements of the White House in Washington D.C.
December 10, 2010. Port Knox FL Portfolio
Reid Pair Still Big!
Senator plays ballsy hand squeezing legal online poker into fragile tax bill.
The Reid online gaming plan would legalize online poker operations in Nevada and New Jersey. Horse racing states like Kentucky would be allowed to operate online wagering for horse races. Both Democratic and Republican degenerate-gambler horse-playing poker addicts have no greater ally in Congress than Harry Reid.
December 9, 2010. D.C. Downtown Casino
Mike And Ike Strategy Pitched To Palin.
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Mike And Ike Plan Pitched To Palin!
The RNC wants Palin as nominee and Steele wants to remain RNC President.
With Obama veering to the center on tax issues, Michael Steele sees an opportunity for a surprise back door plan to steal some black voters from Obama. Steele has enlisted Ike Turner in what he calls his Mike and Ike strategy. The plan calls for Sarah Palin to sing on a Gospel Revival television special, visit inner city battered women's shelters and help cholera victims at a Red Cross clinic in Haiti.
December 8, 2010. NAACP Round Up Days
Obama Support Hits Bumpy Road! Popularity sags but may spring back with better days. With one bump in the road after another and the economy's slow recovery people are still feeling jittery. December 7, 2010. Recovery Road USA
Obama support hits bumpy road.Obama support hits bumpy road.Obama support hits bumpy road.Obama support hits bumpy road.
Debate Rages On! Slim chance seen for agreement between sides for more or less. Independents have the luxury of not taking a stand except to criticize both sides sides while Independent-registered voters may be a lot like fickle football fans who only root for the winning team and will switch sides at halftime. December 6, 2010 . FEDEX Political Ideology Arena
GOP Seeks Hefty Tax Cuts For Millionaires!
Boehner calls tax cuts for 98% of Americans "chicken crap".
Despite more than 66% of the country against tax cuts for millionaires the GOP leadership of John Boehner in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate have made tax cuts for millionaires their number one national priority. To the GOP nothing is more important than tax cuts for the superrich.
December 4, 2010. GOP Society Weekly
GOP announces tax cuts for millionaires as #1 national priority.
John Thune heard the call to run. South Dakota's John Thune Hears Call To Run!
Trumpet call may have sounded like heavenly music but voice was definitely track announcer.
Devout Christian and GOP Senator John Thune experienced an epiphany when he heard what sounded like a voice from a Higher Power call him to run in the 2012 Presidential Derby. The primaries start in Iowa, just a quick gallop across the South Dakota state line. Thune was a frontrunner for the vice presidential slot in 2008 before McCain plucked Palin from obscurity. McCain's plucking of Palin was preceded by press reports predicting Thune would be the lucky pluckee.
December 3, 2010. South Dakota Fair (FL OTB)
McCain Says 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Works Fabulously!
Just don't ask McCain how he knows because he won't tell you.
John McCain has made it his priority to oppose the end of Don't Ask, Don't Tell and has testified that the policy works and we should not be taking it up the ash can.
December 2, 2010. Capital Motel Hearing Rm 6
McCain says 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' works fabulously.
Diminutive stature did not stop John McCain. Diminutive Stature Did Not Stop John McCain in 2008!
Mitch Daniels and Michael Bloomberg are the same height as McCain at 5'6".
McCain won dozens of state primary races and the GOP presidential nomination in 2008 despite being the shortest candidate in every race. Most Americans aren't much taller than that anyway and no significant disadvantage except for the glaringly obviuos disadvantages are expected for the two shortest candidates in the upcoming 2012 GOP primary challenge stakes series that breaks from the gate here in Iowa. Sarah Palin is also 5'6" but appears taller because she wears spike high heels and booster boots.
December 1, 2010. Iowa State Fair Barn 8b

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