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Editor Explains Romney Cover Choice! We had three good choices so we flipped a coin.
Willard Mitt Romney appears on the cover of Newsweek magazine this week with the unflattering description of Romney as a wimp. But it could have been worse. The article could have been about his embarrassing overseas trip to England, Israel, Poland and the Cayman Islands. July 30, 2012. NewsMonth Daily
Romney appears on Newsweek cover!
Romney Meets With Polish Sausage In Warsaw! The mustard's been flying ever since Romney went on his international tour so it was a fitting end to the trip. It's unknown if the six day trip changed any American voters minds but it's hard to imagine how Romney's blundering incompetence and innate creepiness won anybody over. July 31, 2012. Travel Disasters
Romney met with Polish officials in Warsaw.
Romney Stuffs Wad In Wall, Insults Palestinians! Mormon mensch Mitt Romney says the Jewish capital belongs in Jerusalem and Mormon capital belongs in Washington. Romney then checked off several stops on his full color Israeli tour brochure and added he was all for Israel bombing the shit out of Iran for any reason Israel wanted. Then an apparently clueless Romney said something ridiculous about the Jewish culture being superior to the Palestinian culture and the Jews having more money proves it. High ranking Palestinian diplomats went beserk and called Romney's words insulting and racist. July 29, 2012. News For Jews
Romney stuffs wad in wall!
Mitt Belittled in Britain! Brits in a pique over Mitt's critique! Mitt Romney has already won the gold medal for gaffes by first criticizing as "disconcerting" London's preparation for the Olympics and then profusely apologizing after the Prime Minister slapped him down in a public rebuke. Romney then met the leader of the opposition party but forgot his name. The British press is calling Romney a "wannabe" and going wild with headlines like "Mitt Hits The Fan!". July 28, 2012. Olympic Bloopers Blog
Mitt belittled in Britain!
Romney Dodges Tax Questions By Fleeing Country! Lord Romney departs on six day trip to visit his worldwide tax shelter investments. Lord Mitt Romney and Bain have investments all over the world and many offshore accounts in tax haven countries for the sole purpose of paying no U.S. income taxes. Romney is also on a handshake and photo opportunity tour of foreign government officials because he has no diplomatic experience except for gutting American labor contracts, closing down factories and sending those jobs overseas after siphoning company profits and depositing the looted money or "dividends" in secret offshore bank accounts. READ MORE July 24, 2012. Romney World Class Asset Report
Lord Romney flees country to dodge tax questions!
Latest Tax Cheat Prison Poll! Romney favored by federal inmates convicted under Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. A new poll shows Mitt Romney ahead among prisoners convicted of federal crimes associated with Wall Street hedge funds, stock fraud, mortgage fraud, consumer fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, tax fraud and tax evasion using offshore accounts. Only a small number of those polled will be out of prison in time to assist with the Romney campaign. July 27, 2012. Prison Poll Monthly
      favored by federal inmates convicted under Dodd-Frank!
Mitt Booed In Boston! Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney trails President Obama by 21 points in Massachusetts after sloppy play and errors. New polls show Romney losing the Presidential election in his home state of Massachusetts by an average of 21 percentage points. No President in history has ever been elected while losing his home state by such a large margin. The Romney campaign says Mitt Romney has several other home states and hopes to win in most of them. July 22, 2012. Historical Facts Of Failure
Romney trails Obama by 21 points in Massachusetts!
Romney Tries To Muzzle Attacks On Bain! Bain may be the bane of the Romney campaign. Lord Mitt Romney and Bain have many offshore bank accounts in tax haven countries for the sole purpose of paying no U.S. income taxes. Hundreds of accountants and auditor's are fighting for the chance to go over Romney's tax returns if only he would release them. Romney has refused to release more than one complete year (2010) and nothing so far for 2011 or any other year. Some zealous CPA's guarantee the discovery of shady tax strategies and deductions and possibly other serious smoking guns and discrepancies. Otherwise, why not release complete tax returns like every other contender for President in the last 50 years? Millions of Americans think Romney is hiding something damaging and can't be trusted. July 20, 2012. CPA Blockbuster News
Lord Romney was the 100% owner, Chairman and CEO mastermind of Bain Capital!
Uncle Sam Working Cheap In China! Mitt Romney invested millions of dollars in a Chinese manufacturing company that was set up to steal American jobs. Romney is a pioneer in outsourcing jobs and even had the Salt Lake City Olympics uniforms made in China. His current attacks against China "stealing" our jobs is pure hypocrisy coming from the mouth of a pathetic excuse of an American Presidential candidate. Economists say Romney's published economic plan of corporate welfare including not taxing American corporation's foreign profits will encourage the creation of at least 800,000 jobs overseas and zero jobs in America. Mitt Romney is not the solution, Mitt Romney is the problem.READ MORE
July 16, 2012. God Bless America News
Romney sent American jobs to China!
Mitt Romney and Bain Capital ARE ONE AND THE SAME! Romney Lied About Investments In Fetus Disposal Company! Romney owned 100% of all Bain Capital shares, was Bain Capital CEO and Bain Capital Chairman and was paid (by himself) in excess of $100,000 per year as a salaried executive until 2002. Both Mitt Romney and the new partial owners (Romney's pals) of Bain Capital since 2002 falsely said Romney had nothing to do with this $75 million deal and the notorious steel plant deal and multiple Chinese manufacturing company deals but Romney was an active participant and signatory of all documents, CEO, Chairman and 100% owner of Bain Capital. Just 10 years ago serial vulture capitalist Mitt Romney was cashing in on his and Bain Capital's $75 million investment into Stericycle, a company that has been repeatedly attacked by anti-abortion groups for disposing aborted fetuses collected from family planning clinics. Lord Romney is already a proven world class hypocrite and liar but this story has been submitted for a new world record in the category of blatant hypocrisy. Talk about nerve. Here's a phony conservative Republican presidential candidate continually pandering to right-wing anti-abortion pro-lifers all the while he actually made millions of dollars in the fetus disposal business as recently as 2002. Would anyone be surprised if human Soylent Green is already another third world moneymaker in the Romney/Bain Capital global investment portfolio? READ MORE July 12, 2012. Mega Mendacity Monthly
Mitt Romney is Bain Capital, pioneer of outsourcing and vulture capitalism.
Note To Ann Romney: Character assassination of a pioneer of vulture capitalism and American job outsourcing is not possible due to the lack of human decency or American patriotism requisite of an American job outsourcing vulture capitalist.
Romney lied about his investments in fetus disposal company!
Note To All Working People: After Mitt Romney bought GST Steel he fired all employees and using immoral legal loopholes left the Federal government on the hook for more than $40 million in guaranteed pension payments. Romney then sold all company assets and made more than $40 million dollars in profit that ended up in overseas tax-free havens where Mitt Romney still controls hundreds of millions of dollars. Character assassination of a pioneer of vulture capitalism is not possible.
Romney's American dream come true!
Mitt Romney A Pioneer Of Offshore Tax Beating Strategies! Foreign tax haven laws allow no way to determine if Romney's offshore tax avoidance strategies were legal or a tax evasion rip-off of American taxpayers. What is known for certain is that Lord Mitt Romney has many offshore accounts in tax haven countries for the sole purpose of paying no U.S. income taxes. No wonder Lord Mitt Romney continues to keep his tax returns secret. He could have avoided paying taxes all together for many years using the exact strategies he pioneered. July 11, 2012. Greedy Bastard Travel News
Lord Romney a pioneer in offshore tax evasion strategies!
Remember This On The Fourth Of July! Mitt Romney made hundreds of millions of dollars betting AGAINST the American dollar and AGAINST the American worker. Romney's allegiance is to Money and Mormons with America and the American people distant also rans. Romney was a draft dodger who evaded any military service by fleeing to France in the middle of a war to peddle a religious cult to French schoolgirls. Proud father Romney has five grown sons who felt no call or obligation to serve in America's military either. That and a Mormons-only barbeque is what the Romney family calls patriotism on July 4th. Mitt Romney doesn't even keep his money in America and could have as much as a billion dollars secretly stashed and Americans would never find out about it. The latest estimates of Romney's wealth at well over a quarter of a billion dollars could be just a fraction of the treasure he has outside America but no one can verify the values of Romney's offshore accounts and other worldwide assets not accounted for. Romney still hasn't filed his income tax returns for 2011. July 4, 2012. God Bless America News
Romney made millions betting against America!
Romney made millions betting against America!
Romney Paddles Along With Bush As His Guide! The same advisors who failed President George W. Bush have Mitt Romney following the same billionaire tax cut map that Bush followed to plunge America into a cataclysmic financial abyss. George W. Bush took power and immediately squandered a Clinton era budget surplus but he went much further down the same exact river Mitt Romney wants to paddle down again. A childlike Bush before and now a heedless Lord Romney believe the river of greed comfortably pushing them along will be under their control as long as they get elected to hold the paddle. July 3, 2012. Outdoor Politics Weekly
Romney Paddles Along With Bush As His Guide!
Sanity Not Hannity! Sanity Not Hannity! Supreme Court upholds Obamacare despite two year propaganda war led by FOX news. Chief Justice John Roberts missed the 845 broadcasts in which Hannity and his misinformed guests labeled the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. In his decision, Roberts wrote that you can call the disputed mandate a "shared responsibility payment" or a "penalty" but the mandate is actually just a tax hike on taxpayers who choose to not buy health insurance. Citizens may lawfully pay the tax in lieu of buying insurance. Since the mandate is just a tax it is within Congress's constitutional power to enact and the law stands as is.
June 29, 2012. Your Supreme Well Being
Lord Romney's Latino Speech No Bueno! Romney seems confused by President Obama's bold action and his own multiple conflicting previous positions! Lord Mitt Romney had nothing to say that convinced anybody in attendance that a Romney Presidency would benefit Latino families in any way. Romney refused to back off his promise to veto the Dream Act which is what President Obama partially enacted by executive order because the GOP House blocked passage of the popular legislation. The banquet food served before the speech was delicious and by far the highlight of the event. June 26, 2012. Latino Reporto!
Romney speech to Latinos no bueno!
Mitch McConnell Sucks Kochs For Cash! GOP plans $1 billion dollar ad war against President Obama! GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is the go-to guy for billionaire wish lists in Congress and he demands plenty in return for his contemptible betrayal of the American people. His bloodlust for campaign cash is both legendary and the principal reason he remains in power despite possessing an overwhelming personal ick factor that even his home state constituents do not deny. June 24, 2012. Vampire Union Online
Mitch McConnell sucks Kochs for cash!
Middle class protestor refuses to move for Romney bus! Tense Standoff In Ohio! Middle class protestor refuses to move for Mitt Romney's bus!
A volatile situation has stretched into the early evening as one middle class protestor of Romney's "Middle Class Under The Bus Tour" became irate and refused to get out of the way of the $950,000 luxury tour bus. The Ohio National Guard is on the scene and hoping to quell the situation without violence. A military spokesman said the Ohio National Guard hasn't killed anybody in Ohio since Kent State in the 1960's and he's hoping the protestor moves so Lord Mitt Romney can get the hell out of Ohio.
June 18, 2012. Toledo Square Live!
$Billion Dollar Boob$ $Billion Dollar Boob$! Billionaires double down on massively oversized political influence in perversion of American democracy! Billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has already invested at least $30 million of casino profits from the same Macau casinos that Chinese government officials have accused of having ties to organized crime. Rupert Murdoch has more than $30 billion dollars and uses his FOX NEWS propaganda empire as a non-stop GOP infomercial for the sole benefit of Rupert Murdoch and his NewsCorp. who rake in enormous profits by misinforming and manipulating the gullible American public on an Orwellian scale.
June 17, 2012. Macau Billionaire News Ltd.
Bush head on stick in HBO Game Of Thrones Bush To Blame!
HBO apologizes for Bush head on a stick !
A new poll found that most Americans still say George W. Bush was more responsible for the causes of the current weak economy than President Obama. Bush's head was mounted on a pole after being beheaded by King Joffrey on "Game Of Thrones". HBO's apology said they only had a limited number of severed heads on hand.
June 15, 2012. Prop Master Monthly
Sons of Oligarchy! SONS OF OLIGARCHY! History books replete with ruinous consequences.
Governance by the progeny of the oligarchy has inevitably lead to failure. Lord Mitt Romney is a filthy rich son-of-an-oligarch and that makes him a statistically poor choice to lead the nation as President. Since civilization began the accomplishments of first generation leaders have dwarfed those of the pampered progeny of the oligarchic elite such as Mitt Romney. Romney's public record suggests no reason to suspect a 5,000 year-old trend will be reversed.
June 14, 2012. The Historical Facts Of Failure
College Pals Say Mitt Was A Police Impersonator! "He really kinda creeped us all out!" Young Mitt Romney's favorite college prank besides gay bashing haircuts was putting on a Michigan State Trooper's uniform, mounting his own red flashing light on top of his white Rambler and then pulling drivers over while pretending to be a police officer. Today that would be considered a serious felony but to a wealthy college student prankster like Mitt Romney it was all great fun even though it seriously creeped out everybody who knew about Mitt's "pranks". Mitt was pretending to be a cop and supporting the Vietnam war all the time he was evading the Vietnam era draft. with a missionary trip to France and four college deferments. June 9, 2012. Romney Flashback News Weekly
Mitt Romney was a police impersonator!
Miss America Pageant rigged! Miss America Pageant Rigged! Miss Pennsylvania saw producer's list of finalists before pageant began! Executive Producer Donald Trump, who owns the Miss America Pageant, denied the show is rigged but admitted he's screwed all 50 states since he bought the show. Trump said he will now sue Miss Pennsylvania and make her life a living hell because he loves to destroy angry broads who dare to disrespect "The Donald". Miss Romney Rhode Island won the title and was appropriately deferential, submissive and complimentary to Trump at all times. June 7, 2012. Miss America Backstage
GOP WAGES WAR ON WOMEN! GOP Wages War On Women And Children! Attacks on healthcare funding are ongoing nationwide and will be fatal to some women. Lord Mitt Romney has wickedly betrayed all women by promising to defund and put Planned Parenthood out of business for purely partisan political reasons. Planned Parenthood provides primary doctor services for many millions of women who have no intention of ever having abortions and for Republicans to repeatedly portray it as some kind of abortion factory is a despicable lie. But that's what Republicans do best and Lord Mitt Romney is an undisputed world class despicable liar.
June 1, 2012. World's Meanest Pachyderms
Marco's Wish Might Come True! Lord Romney may select Bush family protege for VP role! Marco Rubio of Florida is also known as the "Little Brown Bush" because he is entirely the political creation of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Marco Rubio for Vice President is the same as putting another Bush on the Presidential ticket and that delights the New World Order crowd of filthy rich billionaires who never tire of getting exactly what they want. Like Pinocchio, Marco Rubio is one small wood-colored boy who wished to his lucky stars for his dream to become a real Bush family member and those wishes may yet come true. May 31, 2012. Make-A-Wish Monthly
Marco's Wish Might Come True!
Mitt Romney Has A Birther Defect! Lord Romney afraid to go under the knife and remove cancerous talking tumor! Lord Mitt Romney is paralyzed with fear at the thought of offending or angering his lecherous alter ego and malignant billionaire sidekick and fundraiser. Trump continues to rant about Obama's birth certificate despite sounding ridiculous. Trump also said Anne Romney has a nice butt and a great pair of legs while looking down her blouse and pressing his face against her blonde hair. May 29, 2012. CONS.com
Mitt Romney has a birther defect!
Remember This On Memorial Day! Mitt Romney was a draft dodging coward! Romney evaded the draft by spending 30 months during the middle of the Vietnam war bicycling around France enjoying croissants and sleeping in a palatial Mormon-owned mansion in Paris with stained glass windows, chandeliers, an extensive art collection, a chef and a personal servant. It is unknown how many Mormons Mitt made but Mitt can now order fine food in perfect French while professing his great patriotism and love of the same American military he fled to France from in order to avoid military service. A blatant coward and extreme hypocrite, Mitt Romney did not return from France until it was certain he would not be drafted into military service. May 28, 2012. Le French Gourmet Gazetteer
Mitt Romney was a draft dodging coward!
FOX News Names Lord Romney American Idol! Official GOP propaganda and utter bullshit network embraces Rupert Murdoch's new bitch. Lord Romney can't sing but he can tell bald faced lies as fast and as frequently as any FOX news personality and that pleases billionaires who maintain their power by keeping voters ignorant, making them red hot angry and then misdirecting their rage for the benefit and amusement of those same billionaires. Rupert Murdoch can't stop laughing about how goddam stupid television viewers are and he never tires of manipulating their little tiny brains in accordance with any whim that crosses his sick mind. All FOX news personalities and contributors owe their careers and paychecks to their ability to tell endless lies that boost ratings and amuse Rupert Murdoch. Lord Mitt Romney cannot get elected without the massive help of FOX news which further delights Murdoch to no end. May 26, 2012. Fox Fabulous Fables
Lord Romney named FOX news American Idol!
Romney Trained Other Dogs! Dog groomer claims Romney is serial bad habit dog trainer. Romney has said all along that dogs seem to enjoy riding on the roofs of moving vehicles. Now with these new revelations that there were several more dogs nobody is certain how many of Mitt Romney's dogs have gone airborne on the Interstate. A confidential unsigned affidavit from an anonymous dog groomer says she's never seen a family go through so many dogs. May 21, 2012. Daily Dog Groomer
Lord Romney trained other dogs!
Romney "Can't Recall" Leading Gay Bashing Assault! Five witnesses verified that 18 year-old Romney was a homophobic bully who led a group of prep school thugs in forcibly holding down one student with dyed blond hair and hacking his hair off with scissors. The student was suspected of being gay. The incident would be prosecuted as a felony assault and battery if it occurred today but Lord Mitt Romney now laughs about it saying the he "can't recall" that assault and besides he was young and so he "apologized" if while 18 year-old men his age were fighting and dying in Vietnam he was a spoiled filthy rich bully boy involved in a few "stupid pranks" that are now considered felonies. May 20, 2012. read more
Mitt Romney can't recall assault and battery.
      Rove tries to buy black vote! Rove Tries To Buy Black Vote! Karl Rove needs a popular black celebrity. Cee-Lo says no. Republicans do not have a single black pop culture celebrity on their team so after Rove saw an episode of "The Voice" he made contact with Cee-Lo Green, a celebrity judge on the show. Rove lavished a foot-long sandwich and boat ride on Cee-Lo in a futile attempt to buy a celebrity black vote for Romney and score a propaganda coup.
May 19, 2012. Creative Fundraiser Daily
      wows judges on America's Got Talent. "Born In The USA" Wows AGT Judges! Obama impresses with Springsteen rock anthem. The President had been practicing his guitar licks ever since seeing Bruce Springsteen live in concert. The AGT judges had been expecting a soulful Al Green tune but were immediately delighted when the President came out rocking with "Born in the USA" and totally blown away when Obama pulled off a tasty Hawaiian steel guitar riff in the middle of a smoking hot rock guitar solo. Vice President Joe Biden was present in the studio audience and said "Wow. This guy is amazing!"
May 15, 2012. TV Talent Daily
Lord Romney and sect leader in marraige of convenience. Romney In Marriage Of Convenience On Wedge Issue! Panders to right wingers by opposing gay rights. Romney usually takes positions on both sides of every issue but right wing conservatives aren't excited about Mitt so he went begging for their approval by opposing gay rights harshly. Romney appeared in a royal robe at Liberty Tax Dodge College to proclaim God is on his side no matter what Romney has said before or will say tomorrow.
May 12, 2012. Top 10 Colleges To Avoid
President Obama announces support of same sex marriage! Obama Announces Support For Same Sex Marriage! Says Republican college students agree. Obama's announcement gives hope to all gays and lesbians as well as a generation of young Republicans disgusted by the statements of belligerent homophobes. The President gains politically in blue states but not so much in red states.
May 9, 2012 Bi Party Sun News
      offers something for almost everyone! Something For Almost Everyone! Republicans appeal to base (instincts). Republicans are going all out with new ads meant to counter the truth that the GOP is anti-women, anti-minority, anti-student, anti-gay and anti-labor by appealing to voters lowest common denominators and establishing subliminal propaganda beacons aimed at self-destructive people who can be prodded and manipulated into voting against themselves in fits of madness and self-hatred come election day. The Republican party has a virtual monopoly on poster boys for all seven of the deadly sins so common in humankind. But the GOP alone will promote those egregious sins and sinners as assets in their ongoing effort to brainwash and stupefy millions of undereducated Americans.
May 8, 2012. Seven Deadly Sins Daily
Lord Romney Ready For Battle! Ready For Battle! Romney and Republicans certain to start new war. Mitt Romney often takes a backward belligerent stance towards foreign nations because it makes him feel manly like an Old Spice sailor. As a young man Romney showed his cowardice when he dodged the Vietnam War and fled to France instead of serving his country. He lived in a luxurious Paris mansion and only returned to America when he was no longer in danger of being drafted. Like other draft dodgers turned warmongers, a President Romney will be itching to prove himself a manly man's man by forcing a hostile showdown somewhere in the world and ordering his first kill.
May 7, 2012. Mitt Makeover Monthly
      Goes Forward! Planet Earth In Danger! Obama moves forward to save mankind. The President's new campaign slogan for 2012 is "Forward" because America needs to be prepared for everything imaginable in the future. Romney has ridiculed the President's campaign slogan because it's been used before in many campaigns and in many different languages. Romney insists his campaign slogan of "I'm A Really Rich Guy" will appeal to greedy Republicans, Independents and Democrats who wish they were really rich too. "Reverse" is already the official philosophy of Tea Party Republicans in the House.
May 4, 2012 Future Feature News
      Mitt Romney says Of Course he'd have freed the slaves! "Of Course, I'd Have Freed The Slaves! Even Jimmy Carter would've done that.
In a startling spasm of hubris Lord Mitt Romney continued his presumptuous delusional self-aggrandizement saying "Of Course" he'd have made the decision to go get Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan and added "Of Course" he'd have won World War I, ended the Great Depression and dropped the bomb to end World War II. And finally with his best Reaganesque head turn and smile, "Of Course" he'd have told those Russians to tear down that wall.
May 1, 2012
read more
Lord Mitt Romney says "Of Course" He'd Have Crossed The Delaware!
"Of Course" he'd have written the Declaration Of Independence and "Of Course" he'd have discovered electricity.
Lord Mitt Romney said "Of Course" he'd have made the decision to go get Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan and added "Of Course" he'd have made the Louisiana Purchase, invented the cotton gin and restored the Union after winning the Civil War. April 30, 2012 read more
Lord Mitt Romney says Of Course he'd have crossed the Delaware!
Mitt's A Hit! Romney breaks out in song after locking up nomination. Lord Mitt Romney now owns the Republican Party and to celebrate he joyfully ran through some of his favorite musical numbers from his favorite Broadway musical. His most trusted allies and leading contenders for the Vice Presidential nomination were honored to participate. Singing and dancing along with Lord Romney were Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Ohio Senator Rob Portman and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Romney performed like a man who can do it all. April 26, 2012. Show Time Weekly
It's Mitt's party now!
Hannity Gets Zimmerman And Huckabee Gigs With Ted Nugent Band! "Stand Your Ground" tour to begin this summer. Well known right-wing gun enthusiast, rock n' roll geezer and loudmouth dumbass clown, Ted Nugent, jammed with his new band mates and then told NRA convention members that next year he will either be dead or in jail, implying he will shoot President Obama like an animal if the American public doesn't vote the way Ted Nugent wants this fall. The Secret Service said they will interview Nugent about his near death threats against the President which could be considered illegal under federal law. A tone deaf Sean Hannity was on hand masturbating to Nugent's rock n' roll oldies while playing air guitar. April 18, 2012. Summer Rock Tour Update
Nugent hires Zimmerman and Huckabee!
Mormon Jesus turned wine into root beer! Mormon Jesus Turned Wine Into Root Beer! Jesus arrival in Utah faced skepticism. Mormons don't drink alcohol because when they do they have visions and rewrite the Bible. In the 1800'a they were chased out of U.S. territory and into Mexico for their polygamist ways. The U.S. government allowed the Mormons back into the U.S only after they gave up polygamy. They still hold many unorthodox beliefs some see as wacky but in 2012 the fact that Mitt Romney is a Mormon will likely have little effect on the outcome of the presidential election.
April 17, 2012. Jesus Centennial Blog
Lady Ann Romney has hands full! Ann's Hands Full! Juggling motherhood and country club duties a full time job. Lady Ann Romney has many duties including looking after the children, multiple houses and many luxury cars. She also manages multimillion dollar assets, schedules endless beauty, health and shopping chores and keeps track of family treasures and collections as well as planning for holiday extravaganzas and society charity balls. She enjoys many sporting activities and competes with her million dollar dancing horses. Hers is certainly not a life of idle opulent luxury but rather a more purposeful life of busy opulent luxury.
April 16, 2012. Country Club Monthly
Lady Ann Romney rides a millon dollar pony! My Little Ponies!
Lady Ann Romney owns several dressage horses.

The Romney campaign is certain that American working women will identify with Lady Ann's common touch with million dollar ponies. Because she occasionally rides in country club competitions one pony is not enough and because Lady Ann is filthy rich she can own as many ponies as she needs. Lady Ann intends to introduce the equestrian sport of dressage to the American public and hopes it will soon dominate newspaper sports pages. Likewise, the Olympics-inspired Romney sons may use their new celebrity to promote their favorite sports of polo, archery and badminton.
April 14, 2012. Country Club Sportsman
George W. Bush has little influence on GOP politics in 2012! Bush Short On Pull! George W. Bush has little influence on GOP politics or anything else in 2012 Like a carnival freak, the former President is now openly disparaged by conservatives in the GOP who realize what an utter failure and disaster his Presidency was and how George W. Bush stupidly led America to the brink of financial ruin with poorly planned wars and crippling Bush tax cuts financed by borrowing from China. Bush said he had "no regrets" and history will be the judge but judging by his current diminished stature, history has given "W" a final grade of "F". Romney followed W's dubious lead by writing a book entitled "No Apology".
April 13, 2012. Dismal History Digest
Romney unzipped! Romney Unzipped! Romney gets up close and personal during relaxing Easter weekend at his $12 million tax deductible California vacation beach house. American taxpayers get a great deal subsidizing the Romney family vacation home because Mitt was able to unwind from his challenging task of convincing the American people to vote against their own best interests and make it easier than it already is for filthy rich multimillionaires like Romney to have a relaxing weekend.
April 12, 2012. La Jolla Wealthy Asskisser
Trump dumps
      on GOP budget plan! Trump Dumps On GOP Budget Plan! The public will NOT buy that crap! The Donald went on to call Paul Ryan politically naive and said if Mitt Romney embraces the Ryan budget plan he will guarantee the reelection of President Obama. When asked about which ingredients in the Republican formulated budget make it hard to sell, Trump called the whole plan a "recipe for disaster". The Donald used his psychic powers to recognize that a total gutting of the popular Medicare program for seniors would not rally support from anybody who has or ever had parents and would also poll poorly with voters who currently have hopes of living past age 65.
April 11, 2012. Celebrity Policy Review
Santorum campaign ends! Santorum Succumbs!
Rick Santorum submits to Lord Mitt Romney and ends campaign for GOP nomination after restless night on Barcalounger leather recliner.
Former Senator Santorum will now avoid a public crucifixion and painful personal political humiliation in the April 27th Republican primary in his home state of Pennsylvania.
April 10, 2012. Passion Planet Weekly
Santorum has passion! Santorum Has Passion And He Must Go On!
Republican guards loyal to Lord Mitt Romney try to shout a battered Rick Santorum into submission but he refuses to give up.
Romney has almost all the Republican power establishment including Chris Christie, Tim Pawlenty, Donald Trump and Paul Ryan among many others on his side now and they are eager to move on to the fight against President Obama. However, despite overwhelming odds, a defiant and pious Rick Santorum trudges on to a potential personal political destruction as soon as April 27 in Pennsylvania GOP primary.
April 5, 2012. Passion Planet Weekly
Mission Accomplished! Homegrown Terror! Radical right-wing group successfully infiltrates U.S. Supreme Court and thwarts will of majority of Americans. The master plan for a New World Order requires the reversal of social progress as the people simply cannot have what they want because the billionaire wealthy elite enjoy living as Gods and saying what is so and deciding who lives and who dies. Right is Wrong and Peace is War and Save is Spend and Health is Death.
April 4, 2012. Armageddon Law Review
Not In Public! Not In Public! Romney refused to been seen in public with Wisconsin Governor. A local janitor reported overhearing a secret restroom political discussion on why Mitt Romney hasn't appeared in public with Governor Scott Walker. Walker's looming recall election and the ongoing criminal investigation of his activities before he became Wisconsin's Governor in 2010 were discussed.
April 3, 2012. Wisconsin Janitorial News
GOP adopts
      Mayan calendar! GOP Adopts Mayan Calendar! GOP House plays for end of the world. Republicans say the world will end if Obama is re-elected and claim the Mayan calendar backs them up. Many are fearful this election may be their last chance at the glory of victory.
March 31, 2012. End Of Days Party News
Don't Eat The Chocolate! Poisonous GOP budget plan offers more tax breaks for billionaires at the expense of seniors and poor people. The Republican budget plan is a despicable betrayal of American ideals. It amounts to institutionalized grand theft of taxpayer dollars to benefit billionaires who own the Republican party outright. All their traitorous billionaire minions called Republican legislators have sold their souls to be busboys and serving winches for the ruling billionaire elite and it should make you sick. Democracy in America has never been so close to death as the wealthy are now in charge of deciding what is right and wrong and the American people get no more respect than insects. Many folks now just want to say Fuck You GOP, your members of Congress are evil cowards. March 30, 2012. Armageddon Comics
Don't eat the chocolate!
Supreme Death Panel U.S. Supreme Court prepares to impose death sentence on millions of uninsured sick people with pre-existing conditions. "Welfare of the people" has been deemed irrelevant in this unprecedented power grab by conservative right wing Republican justices. If these conservatives justices in the Supreme Court overturn a law passed by Congress for the first time in 75 years the result will be what Sarah Palin called a Federal Government Death Panel. She predicted it would be composed of bureaucrats appointed by Obama but she was wrong. The Supreme Court is about to sentence millions of people to financial ruin and death over a disputed point of Constitutional law. The five conservative right wing Republican justices, which include Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, Alito and Roberts will have the blood of millions of Americans on their hands and will likely burn in hell for all eternity. March 29, 2012. Armageddon Comics
Supreme Death Panel
Supreme Court Mulls Superpowers! It's life or death for Obamacare as Supreme Court considers biggest Justice Branch power grab in U.S. history. 80 years of legislation based on the Commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution is at risk. Social Security, Medicare, Civil Rights, environmental protections, auto safety and fuel statndards could all be overturned if the Court decides Congress has exceeded it's authority by regulating interstate commerce. Until this legal strategy recently became a means for the right wing to attack Obamacare the concept had rarely even been considered because it is extreme and radical judicial activism on steroids. If Obamacare is ruled unconstitutional new lawsuits on old previously settled subjects will be filed by the thousands. March 27, 2012. Supereme Ego Comics
Supreme Court considers biggest power grab in U.S. history.
Santorum Louisiana victory celebration subdued. Santorum Victory Party Subdued! Parade goes just once around the block. Rick Santorum easily won the Louisiana GOP primary backed by conservatives with whom the message of time travel to the past resonated like a Confederate flag. The Santorum platform of climate change denial and creationism appeals to the most poorly educated populace in America. Mitt Romney spun out on a delta oil slick attempting an irrational hard right turn.
March 26, 2012. Holy Santorum News
Romney Connects In Land Of Lincolns! Wealthy Republicans from Chicago and suburbs support Romney. Romney has said he not only wants to keep the budget-busting Bush tax cuts, he wants another 20% tax cut for the wealthiest of the wealthy. Not surprisingly Romney is the overwhelming favorite of Republican billionaires, millionaires and wanna be millionaires almost everywhere greed runs rampant. Romney's simple message of more money for the wealthy is easy to grasp. Meanwhile Mitt's rival, Rick Santorum, is wandering in the weeds downstate trying to sell his personal definition of a Christian God that is very angry at women and contraception. March 20, 2012. Lincoln Limo Leader
Romney connects in land of Lincoln limos.
Santorum Pledge of Allegiance rewrite. Santorum Pledges Allegiance To God! Santorum's God says founding fathers were all wrong about separation of church and state. Rick Santorum is on a religious crusade that will not stop until Santorum is just a bad memory and footnote of American politics. Until then, a flood of sanctimonious horseshit like a Santorum rewrite of the pledge of allegiance will be the least of America's problems in a Santorum led Armageddon.
March 17, 2012. Holy Santorum News
Santorum puzzled in Puerto Rico. Santorum Puzzled In Puerto Rico! Says speak English for Christ sakes. Rick Santorum couldn't understand what the hell the Puerto Ricans were saying and it was very frustrating because he couldn't tell if he was being cheered or jeered when he falsely claimed Puerto Rico must make English the official language before applying for statehood. Whenever Santorum attacked President Obama in his speech the crowd cheered wildly when they were supposed to boo.
March 15, 2012. Chico's Puerto Rico News
Santorum finds support up the Yazoo. Santorum Finds Support Up The Yazoo! Mississippi victory attributed to overwhelming conservative support along Mississippi's scenic Yazoo River. Santorum won both Mississippi and Alabama spoiling Mitt Romney's victory march to what may now be a divided GOP convention in August. Newt Gingrich was the biggest loser since his must win Southern strategy was proven a dust bin Southern self-delusion.
March 14, 2012. Yazoo City Slicker
The Foxworthy Effect. The Foxworthy Effect! Poll says 63% of Alabama GOP thinks voracious Chinese carp were intentionally released by Chinese Communists into U.S. freshwater lakes in order to destroy the American bass fishing industry. Romney responded by saying he would go after the Chinese by introducing an even more voracious American-bred carpus trumpus which is bred to devour it's own weight in Chinese fish daily and still be hungry.
March 13, 2012. Southern Bass Magazine
Limbaugh Sponsor Drop Clock!
Conservative is a dirty word. CONSERVATIVE Is Now A Dirty Word! Limbaugh may have spewed too much vomitive commentary under the brand name of Conservative for too many years. A majority of all Americans now find Rush Limbaugh and his Conservative parrots' vomitus disgusting, dishonest, offensive and of zero redeeming social value. Rush Limbaugh, who also made "liberal" a dirty word years ago, has done and said everything he possibly can to become the most despised person on talk radio and in politics in general. Recently, in PMM word association tests the most common response to the word Conservative was asshole! March 12, 2012. Pottery Mouth Monthly
Creationism + Objectivism = Creativism Creativism Is Born!
Irreconcilable hypocrisies clash in hybrid belief system of Republicans.
Since the idiocy of the concept is invisible to a ranting Tea Party stormtrooper or a proselytizing Evangelical Bible thumper only a slogan and single dog whistle keyword is necessary. Secret GOP political strategists, former convicted con men and blackballed advertising consultants have developed what some call a potentially brilliant political startegy of "Creativism for an Obamaless America". Worried Democrats say the strategy, if successful, would lead to an "Obamaless Pit" of misery and despair for working class Americans.
March 12, 2012. Sales Philosophy Weekly
Santorum takes caucus in Kansas. Santorum Takes Caucus In Kansas! Right-wing Evangelicals employ caucus umpires and victory was predicted. Rick has been pitching great ball for the Chicken Hawks considering the payroll of opposition teams, especially the Romneyville Vultures. If Santorum wins both March 13 games in Mississippi and Alabama he'll have a good chance of pitching all the way to the GOP World Series. Unfortunately, Chicken Hawk Santorum continues to pitch a reckless warmonger curve ball that makes fans squirm and yet he is a bright yellow chicken-feathered coward when it comes to calling out Rush Limbaugh for slanderous attacks on female spectators.
March 11, 2012. Kansas Caucus Cackler
      Original Douchebaugh! Limbaugh Adds New Sponsor!
Factory in China taking huge orders.
Chinese workers making the original "Douchebaugh" are happy and so is factory manager Eu Wong. He's never heard Rush but says he likes making the water bags with Limbaugh's face on it because he just bought a new BMW with his profit. He hopes Mr. Limbaugh will say more comments that cause controversy.
March 8, 2012. China Products Report
Hey Jackass, stop using our music on your racist, misogynist, right wing clown show! RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE
Limbaugh Sponsor Drop Clock!
Romney accepts rush apology! Romney Accepts Rush Apology!
Mitt swallows hard to keep Limbaugh in bed with Romney campaign.
Rush Limbaugh called women who use contraceptives sluts and prostitutes and said if they get their birth control free from Obamacare he demands to watch those women having sex in online videos. After 12 sponsors quit, Rush apologized but only for the two words. Mitt forgave Rush immediately and put on a sexy black dress hoping to keep Rush hot for a snug fit with Mitt because Mitt cannot win without him.
March 4, 2012. Romney After Dark
Sarah Palin John Boehner
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