Daily Racing Rag SPECIAL REPORT: The 2008 Presidential Campaign of Fmr. Governor Mitt Romney R-MA
Daily Racing Rag Mitt McRomney Vies for VP
"I'd be honored to serve McCain's second term as President"...
Mitt McRomney mentioned that there would still be labor unions to bust and corporate tax breaks to invent after the inevitable accelerated aging cycle and possible Alzheimer's affects President McCain.
March 17. Pennsylvania Accuary Records Room
Daily Racing Rag Mitt And Mac Make Up
Latest Romney flip flop has him playing McCain's Valentine...
Just days ago they were hurling insults at each other. Today they were more like Valentine's Day sweethearts. February 14. Republican Valentine's Day Dance and Buffet
Daily Racing Rag Mitt Quit
Romney shocks backers by giving up his run in midstretch...
Despite his fans still cheering him on Mitt just decided he didn't want to run anymore and jumped ingloriously onto the racetrack surface. Mitt later said he quit because he hates to lose... February 7. New England Losers Lounge OTB
Daily Racing Rag Mitt Takes $18 Million Loan
Romney's campaign can't wait until Monday morning...
Mitt Romney and John McCain are locked in a brutal deathmatch multimedia ad war in 22 Super Tuesday states... February 1. Passaic NJ Fast Money Payday Advance Store and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Enemy Combatants
McCain and Romney joust fiercely at Reagan Library debate...
Republicans McCain and Romney just don't like each other and the mudslinging launched McCain into his firebreathing warrior mode. These two are in a deathmatch... January 31. Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Mitt Strikes Gipper Pose
Reagan Library photo hole is popular exhibit with visitors...
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney draws inspiration from one of his personal heroes, former California Governor and United States President Ronald Reagan... January 24. Remember Reagan Dollar Off Days at WalMart OTB
Daily Racing Rag Mitt Takes Michigan Derby
Romney rides to Republican primary victory in Michigan...
Reaching the winners circle for the first time felt good for the son of a former Michigan Governor. Mitt thanked all the little people who hope Mitt can throw Michigan some business and jobs. January 15. Michigan Derby Winners Circle
Daily Racing Rag O'Reilly Starts Brawl
Shoves Obama aide then says Romney throws like a girl...
Bill O'Reilly factored himself into the campaign until armed Secret Service had him step back. Bill went on with a tirade about nobody but nobody messes with his camera shot. January 5. Granite State Parking Lot B Bedford Airport
Daily Racing Rag Mitt Devastated By Loss
Found wandering in a daze on the streets of Bedford Falls...
Former Governor Romney was reportedly doing a Jimmy Stewart impersonation and shouting out that it used to be "a wonderful life". January 4. Nick's Bar Bedford Falls IA
Daily Racing Rag Romney's Winter Olympics
Mitt regains lead in Iowa while Huckabee goes hunting...
Mitt Romney has unleashed a blizzard of attack ads against Mike Huckabee and it's paid off like a superfecta. Romney recaptured ground previously lost and has Huckabee pleading "Can't we all just get along?" December 31. Quad Cities Feed and Tack OTB
Daily Racing Rag Romney's Hand Balloons
Mitt Romney's right hand swells to twice normal size...
Republican Mitt Romney estimates he has shaken 75,000 hands and now his hand has swollen to freakish proportions. Doctors prescribed defeat as the best way for Romney's right hand to return to normal size. December 27. Des Moines Nail Salon and Glove Shop
Daily Racing Rag Mitt Romney On LDS
Mitt's prescription says American democracy requires faith...
However, Elder Romney did not go so far as to say that any particular type of faith was required or that faith identification cards would be issued if he is elected. December 6. Sioux City Latter Day Saints Temple of Pointy Towers OTB
Daily Racing Rag Mitt Lawyers Up For Duty
Romney ready to honor Massachusetts tank ride tradition...
Former Massachusetts Governors with no military service who are running for President have a tradition of talking tough and taking tank rides on test tracks. Romney was a Mormon missionary in France during the Viet Nam War. December 1. Fort Dukakis Tank Testing Track
Daily Racing Rag Romney Wins First Contest
Mitt Romney says "Best Costume" victory is still a victory...
Former Governor Romney's costume was a terrifying spittin' image of Boris Karloff's vintage Frankenstein monster.
October 31. Manchester Downs Halloween Costume Party
Daily Racing Rag GOP Race A Classic Tale
Aesop may have written the familiar story of 2008 race...
The hare was out in front after 10,000 television commercials but the tortoise was determined and would not quit. October 20. Merrimack River Trail in New Hampshire
Daily Racing Rag Mitt Rubs Rudy Wrong Way
Romney remarks rile Rudy at recent Republican wrangle...
Rudy reacted by rebuffing Romney and the enmity was evident until some homogeneous Hillary bashing and mutual manly massage mellowed the mood. October 13. Detroit Republican Debate
Daily Racing Rag Mitt Swings Greatest Hits
Mitt sings "No New Taxes" backed by an all star big band...
Romney has a repertoire of GOP favorites and is a surprisingly good lounge singer. His swinging big band is both smooth and sassy whenever they play a gig. Mitt always picks up the tab. September 27. Jersey Shores Surf and Turf Club
Daily Racing Rag Romneys Adopt Lost Teen
Mitt and wife show compassion for abandoned teenager...
"Georgie's actually quite charming despite a difficult past. And other than the arson tendencies we believe Georgie has a good heart and just needs love." September 17. Iowa State Adoption Fair Day at the Races
Daily Racing Rag Mitt Shows 'Em The Money
Touts traditional GOP values like money and more money...
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney announced he has collected over $23 million. He claims to be focusing on the unifying language spoken by all Americans. The language of money. He concluded the talk by asking for more money. May 27. Banco de Americo Horse Breeders Venture Capital Conference
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