Daily Racing Rag SPECIAL REPORT: The 2008 Presidential Campaign of Senator Barack Obama D-IL
Daily Racing RagObama Climbs Mountaintop
The hopes and dreams of millions have finally been realized...
History was made as Barack Obama has shattered the color barrier forever. November 5. Mount Martin Luther King USA
Daily Racing RagObama Reaches Finish Line
President-elect Obama wins big in a national landslide...
Obama was moving like a champion down the stretch... November 4, 2008. Presidential Derby Winners Circle
Daily Racing Rag Early Voters Favor Obama
One day left in longest election of a lifetime...
Voters are being reminded to vote everywhere they go. November 3 Swing State Sports Arena.
Daily Racing Rag Obama Yes We Dooby-doo
Obama makes history as new top dawg and leader of the pack...
No matter what breed of dawg it's a great day for all Americans. November 4. Chicago Celebration Park
Daily Racing Rag Mile High Fire Works
Obama guts McCain on policies, temperment and judgement...
Obama thrilled 85,000 supporters, laid out specific policies, blasted McCain and unified the Democratic party.
August 28. Mile High Stadium Denver
Daily Racing Rag Georgia On His Mind
Obama soulfully promises to defend Ray Charles homeland...
Charles family fears Russia invaded Georgia to steal Ray's master recordings. August 13. Moscow Blockbuster Blues Blowout
Daily Racing Rag Obama Family Related
Father, mother and two daughters all live in same house...
At least one grandparent on both sides of the family are younger than McCain. August 7. Obama Family Photo Night SD
Daily Racing Rag Scooby Doo On Short List
Vetting process for the Obama family dog almost complete...
Barack has promised his children a dog but how big a dog remains undecided. July 30. Chicago Adopt-A-Dog Days
Daily Racing Rag Globetrotter Obama Scores
Obama addresses Unity Convention of minority journalists...
Barack just back from abroad spoke for 40 minutes without any turnovers or personal fouls. July 28. Chicago Unity Dome
Daily Racing Rag Mac Attacks Obama Trip
McCain thinks successful Obama trip was pretentious...
McCain was just in Canada, Columbia and Mexico but no one seemed to notice. July 27. McCain/Blackbird Security Inc.
Daily Racing Rag Obama Weak On Defense
Obama scores with troops despite lax defense on jump shots...
Obama blamed his weak defense on a sore hip from yesterday's game in Afghanistan. July 26. US Army Halliburton Arena
Daily Racing Rag Obama Hears New Mix
Petraeus lays down new tracks without Bush overdubs...
A&R dept. says the unfiltered realistic tone of the new tracks is a breath of fresh air. July 21. Big RaQ Records Baghdad.
Daily Racing Rag Lame Duck On China Menu
Obama worries Chinese may stir fry cheerleader President...
The next President will have enough on his plate without an embarassing Bush incident at the summer Olympics.
July 13. African-Chinese BBQ and Music Festival
Daily Racing Rag Obama's Nuts Cut Off
Jesse Jackson says he's really really really sorry...
Obama never received his gift "Nuts" magazine subscription from an anonymous person living in the UK because Jesse Jackson cancelled the subscription online. July 11. NoNewsNetwork UK
Daily Racing Rag Leos Born To Lead
Obama leadership seen in stars by earthbound astrologers...
With a birthday of Aug. 4 Obama was born under the constellation of Leo the Lion. July 8, 5000 B.C. North America Plains
Daily Racing Rag Amity Before Unity
Secret sea cruise meeting brings hope to seaside tourist town...
The poor folks in Amity need hope because their beach was foreclosed by predators. June 28. Coast Guard Cutter SS Unity
Daily Racing Rag Obama Es Muy Caballero
Obama reaches out to Latinos in New Mexico and Nevada...
Obama intends to do everything possible to win and Mexican-Americans are crucial. June 20. Obama Carneceria OTB
Daily Racing Rag Obama Says No Fed Funds
Obama continues to raise record crops of small donations...
With no limit on funds Obama will be better able to counter negative ads and smears. June 19. Obama Farms Greenhouse
Daily Racing Rag Obama Climbing In Polls
National polls show Obama opening up a lead on McCain...
McCain was in Pennsylvania trying to convince Hillary supporters that he's the white candidate for the job.
June 11. Pennsylvania Disgruntled White Womens Club
Daily Racing RagObama Scores On Economy
McCain has no defense for Republican era economic failures...
Both downtown and in the paint everything Obama threw up was dropping. June 8. Game One Best of 39 Series
Daily Racing Rag First Lady Of Soap Opera
Cindy McCain favored for important People's Choice award...
Meanwhile Michele Obama has been portrayed as the villian and booed by right wing FOX television critics.
June 18. Lifetime Family Circle MSNBC Theatre OTB
Daily Racing Rag MLK Dream Within Reach
Barack Obama is living the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King...
Just like Jackie Robinson 56 years ago there forever will only be one man who was first to break the color barrier. June 4. U.S. National Field Of Dreams Skybox
Daily Racing Rag Obama Wins Enchilada
Hillary and Bill not ready to make nice with Obama just yet...
Senator Obama is the first minority entry to become a nominee for President.Obama Shop June 3. Metrodome Raceway
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Daily Racing Rag Peace Process Begins
Nobel Peace Prize winner to help negotiate end of conflict...
Former President Jimmy Carter says he's certain everything can be resolved and Democratic party unity achieved.
May 26. Carter Center Dispute Resoultion Arena and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Richest Man Backs Obama
World's second richest man wants recount of boats in Florida...
Warren Buffett, the world's richest man, has endorsed Barack Obama for President. May 25. Obama of Omaha Mutual Fund
Daily Racing Rag Obama Half Way Home
Obama wins big in Oregon and Clinton wins big in Kentucky...
Obama now has more than half of the available pledged delegates nationwide... May 21. Portland Downs Winners Circle
Daily Racing Rag Obama Singers Harmonize
John Edwards to sing with the Obama Barbershop Quartet...
Roll out the barrel because happy days may soon be here again for barbershop quartets nationwide.
May 15. American Barbershop Idols Showdown
Daily Racing Rag Little Obama Met Jacko
King of Pop was filming a music video in Hawaii 35 years ago...
Jacko now resides in the Middle East with his multi-racial grandchildren and is said to favor Obama for President.
May 13. Santa Barbara County District Attorney Archives
Daily Racing Rag 4 Out Of 5 Dentists Agree
Obama's teeth favored by bipartisan group of Oregon dentists...
Clinton's caps come in second with McCain's George Washington era wooden choppers a distant third.
May 7. Portland Dental Center and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Colonel Was A Black Man
Wright says CIA plot tripled obesity rate in African-Americans...
Pastor Jeremiah Wright also said the government stole the famous fried chicken recipe from a black man and used a retired Army Colonel in the plot. April 30. Polk County KFC and OTB
Daily Racing Rag He Says We Did It Enough
Barack says no because they've done it more than 20 times...
Hillary says one more time for old times sake, Barack says enough is enough... April 26. Indy Brew 102 Motel and OTB
Daily Racing Rag She Wants To Do It Again
Once Hillary debated Barack there was no going back...
Hillary says let's do it again anytime or anywhere... April 25. Indy 500 Seat Convention Hall Indianapolis
Daily Racing Rag Obama Girl Still Fired Up
Obama girl pledges to bikini dance until November election...
"The Obama girl won't quit. And we deserve a President who doesn't quit either..." April 24. Strip City Club Indianapolis
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Ready For Hunt
Senator Clinton not bitter but loves guns and God anyway...
The controversy over Obama's "bitter" comments continued with Hillary's demonstration that she's no elitist...
April 15. Penn Gun Shop, Saloon and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Obama Names New Pastor
Rev. Al Green is People's Choice winner in Gospel category...
Senator Obama has been practicing his singing skills for a gigantic gospel show hosted by his new pastor at the annual Jefferson Washington faith and family event to be held in Gary, Indiana... April 14. Indiana Gospeldome
Daily Racing Rag Obama Plays For Jackpot
2008 Super Megalotto Top Prize is valued in the $$$ billions...
Senator Obama is confident his A game will bring him the top spot... April 12. Philadelphia Downs Raceway and Satellite OTB
Daily Racing Rag Dems Use Gutter Tactics
Both Hillary and Obama throw campaign gutter balls...
Insiders say they are trying to demonstrate that they are human and regular folks by being bad bowlers...
April 7. Pittsburg Blue Collar Lanes and OTB
Daily Racing Rag One Nation Under God
Sunday sermons plead "Can't we all just get along?"...
Probably not when five hundred times as many people will watch "American Idol" than hear any plea for brotherhood and unity. March 19. Pennsylvania Utopian Church of Blissful Unity
Daily Racing Rag Easy Romp In The Swamp
Mississippi black folks cotton to Senator Barack Obama...
Blacks made up 70% of Mississsippi Democratic voters and 90% of black voters voted for Obama. Obama Shop
March 14. Mississippi Derby Winners Circle
Daily Racing Rag 3 A.M. Obama Is Ready
Senator enjoys hot coffee and donuts but phone doesn't ring...
Barack Obama says he's ready to be Commander in Chief and says he has the ability to adjust his sleeping schedule in order to be ready for important 3 A.M. telephone calls.. March 13. Pittsburgh Holiday Inn and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Obama Cookie Crumbles
Senator loses momentum with lone victory in Vermont ...
Senator Obama is going to have to learn how to deliver a knockout punch or he will most certainly be a punching bag for Republicans if he hangs on to win. He's let Hillary back into the race and now she's the one all fired up. March 4. Pennsylvania HQ and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Obama Rides Past Myths
False email rumors and middle name calling aren't working...
Much of America seems to love Barack Obama and a constant barrage of false and disparaging emails and middle name calling by right wing radio buffoons hasn't slowed his momentum. February 27. Texas Natural History Museum and OTB
Daily Racing RagObama Wave Now Tsunami
Senator Obama has momentum and millions of supporters...
Barack Obama has received more votes this primary season than the two remaining Republicans combined.
Obama Shop February 19. Wisconsin Obama HQ and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Obama Wins Wisconsin
Senator Obama has momentum and grassroots supporters...
Barack Obama has won his ninth consecutive primary and Hillary Clinton was foiled in her bid for the upset victory.
Obama Shop February 19. Wisconsin Obama Farms and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Obama Maine's Man
Senator Obama breezes to easy victory in Maine caucuses...
Barack Obama's campaign continues to gain wins in state races and make net gains in convention delegates.
February 11. Bangor Obama HQ and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Obama Wins 3 More Races
Obama victorious in Kansas, Louisiana and Washington State...
Barack Obama's campaign continues to gain momentum and now has a small lead in convention delegates.
Obama Shop February 9. Louisiana Derby Winners Circle
Daily Racing Rag Obama Harvests Cash Crop
Campaign raises $7.2 million in 36 hours since election...
Illinois Senator Barack is the runaway leader in raising new money from seed and established contributors as well. His fundraising operation is a trailblazer for high tech political donor farming. February 7. Obama Farms Greenhouse of Hope
Daily Racing Rag Obama Makes Big Gains
Super Bowl ads for Super Tuesday help Obama's game...
The Obama campaign ponied up big bucks and bought ads for this year's Super Bowl in Super Tuesday states.
Obama Shop February 3. Glendale AZ Super Bowl XLII
Daily Racing Rag Obama: Daddy's On A Roll
Obama campaign fundraisers collect $32 million in 30 days...
The Obama campaign noted that over 170,000 individuals contributed to their campaign which is more individual contributors than any other campaign. Obama Shop February 2. Atlantic City High Rollers Club and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Kennedy Has Obama Fever
Senator Kennedy says Caroline and Patrick have caught it too...
Senator Barack Obama has picked up the prized endorsement of another Massachusetts Senator. Just three days ago Senator John Kerry also endorsed Obama. January 28. American University and OTB Washington D.C.
Daily Racing Rag Obama Cruises To Victory
Obama wins South Carolina primary, Hillary finishes second...
Barack Obama was favored and won handily with a landslide 55% to Hillary's 27% and Edwards 18%. 80% of African Americans voters voted for Obama according to exit polls... January 26. South Carolina Derby Winners Circle
Daily Racing Rag Obama Gets Defender
Former Clinton Labor Secretary Reich attacks Hillary's facts...
Barack Obama has been under attack from the tag team Clinton campaign. Robert Reich offered his assistance after Jesse Jackson suggested Obama employ his own surrogates... January 25. Dancing With The Pols C-SPAN Special
Daily Racing Rag Obama Faces False Email
Senator forcefully throws Muslim issue down on prayer rug...
Senator Barack Obama wants everyone to know that he is a "Committed Christian" and has never been a Muslim. A malicious email attack has been ongoing against Obama for months...Obama Shop January 23. Mountaintop Sanctuary and Satellite OTB
Daily Racing Rag Rangel Joins Wrangle
Obama comment about Hillary comment "absolutely stupid"...
In a blatant black on black blabber attack, Congressman Rangel rang a few bells in the belfry. January 14. Washington DC OTB and Stir Fry Restaurant
Daily Racing Rag Obama Offers Peace Plan
Senator takes high road, wants feuding with Clinton to stop...
The Obama campaign is high on their chances in South Carolina but tensions have also been high since the contest is still a highly fluid and wide open horserace.Obama Shop January 13. Mountain Meadows Peaks Center OTB SC
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Wins Photo Finish
Obama eases up at wire and Hillary scoots by on the rail...
Everybody thought that Barack Obama had won New Hampshire but Hillary staged an emotional last second comeback victory that shocked just about everybody. January 8. Manchester Downs Derby Day Press Box
Daily Racing Rag Moving Like A Winner
Obama favored to beat Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire...
Senator Barack Obama is riding the wave of change and has exploded down the home stretch to take the lead going into tomorrow's New Hampshire primary.Obama Shop January 7. Manchester Downs Derby Day Press Box
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Takes Down Obama
Debate in New Hampshire features takedowns on flipflops...
Senator Clinton was on the offensive to prove she deserves a victory in what has become a smackdown cage match with Senator Obama. January 6. New Hampshire Debate Derby Paddock Area
Daily Racing Rag Obama's Black Enough
98% white Iowa says so with Democratic caucus victory...
Senator Barack Obama rode the wave of change and a record breaking turnout to victory in the Iowa Democratic caucuses. January 4. Iowa Obama Headquarters
Daily Racing Rag Runners Turn For Home
And down the strech they come. Just 2 furlongs to go in Iowa...
Deep into the home stretch Clinton, Obama and Edwards are running tightly bunched at full speed while Huckabee and Romney are battling it out neck and neck. January 2. Des Moines Downs Club House
Daily Racing Rag Kucinich Gives Blessing
"If I'm not viable you can go caucus with Obama's caucus"...
Since Clinton, Obama and Edwards are statistically tied, second choice votes from non-viable candidates like Kucinich have become more important than ever before. January 1. Des Moines Ski Lodge OTB
Daily Racing Rag Obama Gets Good News
Local pharmacist says it's not necessarily now or never...
Senator Obama had been quoted on the campaign trail as saying his wife told him it's now or never.Obama Shop December 30. Des Moines ED Clinic Pharmacy
Daily Racing Rag Performance Enhanced
Substance and amity found in final Iowa Democratic debate...
Iowans say the candidates should be that nice to each other more often. One woman said the candidates were so pleasant it was like they were on the same medication she uses. December 14. Johnson City Raceway OTB
Daily Racing Rag Ivy League Animal House
Obama admits bong hits, Bush admits booze benders...
One disappointed Obama fan bemoaned the revelation that Obama has something in common with Bush is worse than having Dick Cheney in the family tree. December 14. National Tell An Old Secret Day OTB
Daily Racing Rag Obama At Pearl Harbor
Senator pays respects to naval heroes of World War II...
Senator Barack Obama lived in Hawaii as a youth and returns regularly to visit friends and family. Obama Shop December 7. Pearl Harbor Hawaii via Sparks Nevada Rest Home
Daily Racing Rag Obama Meets Clinton Plant
Senator says plant asks excellent questions for a plant...
Obama was campaigning at the Iowa Institute of Horticulture when he ran across the same plant that caused a furor by asking Hillary Clinton a question at a news conference last week. December 5. Iowa Institute Of Horticulture Language Department
Daily Racing Rag Rapdaddy Rove's Latest
Obama receives unexpected ditty about how to beat Hillary...
The Rove Rap audio message delivered with a thumping hip hop beat on a massive boom box was so irresistable that all in attendance were dancing. Obama Shop December 2. Des Moines Roller Rink Dance Contest Fundraiser
Daily Racing Rag Obama Tries To Lead Wave
A wave of change will wash across America after Bush...
Senator Barack Obama says that after the dismal years of the Bush presidency America's spirit will be reborn with hope and optimism. October 25. Iowa Baptist Bacon and Egg Breakfast Benefit
Daily Racing Rag Barack's Got Backup
Senator Obama picks up heroic crimefighter endorsements...
Senator Barack Obama says he's concerned about crime from Gotham City to Smallville and proposes to immediately upgrade the antiquated emergency bat beam. Obama Shop October 21. Gotham City Courthouse OTB
Daily Racing Rag Barack In The Saddle
Senator Obama says he's ready to lead our troops home...
Senator Barack Obama says Bush and the Republicans can't find the way home so he'll go there himself and on day one of his presidency he'll bring the troops home. October 9. Blackhawk Downs Virginia
Daily Racing Rag Obama Stretch To Black
Senator admits inability to converse in grade school Ebonics...
He's promised to do better but black supporters have complained that Obama sometimes acts like he has a white mama and went to a fancy white school like Harvard. September 20. Louisiana Downs Raceway Free BBQ Night
Daily Racing Rag Tee Bags Obama Bling
Curbside tee shirt mogul sets sales records thanks to Obama...
Inglewood based entrepreneur, Mister Tee, says tee shirt sales haven't been this refreshingly brisk since the Lakers were NBA champions. Mister Tee's tee shirts can be seen at the Obama Shop . August 7. Hollywood Park Parking Lot B
Daily Racing Rag Sweet Home Obama
Southern strategy depends on Lynyrd Skynyrd endorsment...
Senator Barack Obama personally met with Lynyrd Skynyrd after marketing research suggested the song "Sweet Home Alabama" was a very lucky theme song for past Southern political campaigns. Obama Shop
June 15. Montgomery Downs Gift Shop (Obama on Horseback coffee mugs now on sale!)
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