Daily Racing Rag SPECIAL REPORT: The 2008 Presidential Campaign of Fmr. Governor Mike Huckabee R-AR
Daily Racing Rag Excuse Me, I'm Not Dead
Huckabee throws down challenge to McCain to debate...
Right Knight Huckabee says Republicans are being shortchanged and the party will suffer by the lack of debates at the same time the Democrat debates get endless exposure. February 26. Ohio Downs Challenge Derby
Daily Racing Rag Jesus Doll Gives Nod
Bobblehead's approving gesture encourages Huckabee...
Former Arkansas Governor and Baptist preacher Mike Huckabee announced he will not bow out of the race before the Texas primary. February 21. Lone Star Bowling 88 Lanes Gift Shop and OTB
Daily Racing Rag McCain Wins In Virginia
Senator McCain outruns late charge by Huckabee for victory...
McCain also won in Maryland and has a huge lead in convention delegates. February 12. Virginia Downs Raceway
Daily Racing Rag Huckabee Wins In Kansas
Huckabee humiliates McCain by huge margin of victory...
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is the shocking upset winner of today's Kansas Republican primary by a huge 40% margin. Second place finisher John McCain had the endorsements of both U.S. Senators from Kansas. February 9. Kansas Downs Super Saturday Winners Circle
Daily Racing Rag Huckabee Sees Opening
Bible Belt winner asks Romney's delegates for their support...
Since Romney only suspended his campaign, Mitt's delegates are technically still his and not free to switch to Huckabee. Huckabee is left in a Moses like dilemma. "Let my people go." February 8. Georgia Victory Prayer Breakfast
Daily Racing Rag Huck Wins 1st of 22 Races
West Virginia Republican Derby won by Mike Huckabee...
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee picked up 18 delegates in the first race on today's Super Duper 22 race card. Huckabee has a good chance in several Southern races today. February 5. West Virginia Raceway Super Tuesday
Daily Racing Rag Celeb Lookalikes Cash In
Jim "Huckabee" Nabors and Pappy "Chuck" Norris perform...
An amusing political song and dance revue is featured twice nightly with fried chicken dinner shows at the Branson Missouri Grand Slam Theatre... January 22. Ozark Mountains Satellite Network
Daily Racing Rag SC Flagpole Up Ass Joke
Mike Huckabee gets big laughs with anal penetration humor...
A smug Mike Huckabee spoke fondly of the Confederate flag saying that if outsiders tell us what to do with the flag we'll tell 'em what they can do with the flagpole... January 18. Columbia SC College Of Godliness OTB
Daily Racing Rag Marraige Amendment Need
Huckabee against marraige between centaur and pigwoman...
Mike Huckabee was a hit at the Columbia College of Godliness when he equated bestiality and same sex marraige. Half human marraige should be unconstitutional according to Huckabee... January 17. Columbia SC College Of Godliness OTB
Daily Racing Rag Huckabee Gallops For God
Asks South Carolina evangelicals to place their bets on Huck...
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has galloped from church to church across beautiful South Carolina in his presidential crusade. January 12. Heavenly Downs Raceway Columbia SC
Daily Racing Rag Mike Huckiss Is Hot
Huckabee performs in Hollywood on eve of Iowa caucuses...
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was back on the air despite the writer's guild strike not being settled. Huckabee had to cross a union picket line to appear but the chance to gig was too tempting. January 2. NBC Studios Burbank CA
Daily Racing Rag Smarter Than A 5th Grader
Huckabee gets 17 out of 20 in surprise current events quiz...
After a few minor gaffes the former Arkansas Governor's lack of foreign policy has come under fire by his Republican rivals. December 28. Des Moines Adult Education Center
Daily Racing Rag Huckabeast Unleashed
Senior Republican strategist finally has a candidate to die for...
The meteroic rise was no surprise to GOP political strategist Professor Ed Rollinshead who was once official Voodoo Wizard and Assistant Astrologer for a California Governor named Ronald Reagan. December 16. Armageddon IA
Daily Racing Rag McCain Blasts Huckabee
Says Mike lacks military and foreign policy experience...
Senator John McCain says the middle of a war is not the right time for on the job training and especially when it comes to promoting a Pfc to Commander in Chief. December 14. Fort Dukakis Tank Testing Track
Daily Racing Rag Huckabee Ready To Roll
Former Governor has answers for every issue on video tape...
By adapting his positions to various Walker Texas Ranger episodes Huckabee is assured a postive audience response. December 12. Des Moines Television Studios OTB
Daily Racing Rag Chuck Brings Huck Luck
Huckabee's popularity explodes after tv star's endorsement...
Mike Huckabee has suddenly surged into first place in Iowa and that means he'll become the target of political attacks. But with Walker, Texas Ranger as his sidekick some of those dogs may choose not to hunt. December 9. Texarkana Hunting Preserve and RV Park
Daily Racing Rag Huckabee At Banjo Contest
Former Governor to judge annual Ozark dueling banjos event...
In a related story, Huckabee denies he was in any way responsible for the early release of Hillbilly Horton, an Arkansas rapist that committed crimes after gaining his freedom. December 7. Ozark Mountains Dueling Banjos Festival OTB
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Daily Racing Rag Huckabee In Springfield
Candidate will talk turkey and eat turkey with local residents...
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee plans to enjoy a large Thanskgiving feast and has prepared for weeks by jogging whenever possible. November 22. Springfield Iowa Simpson Residence
Daily Racing Rag Huckabee's Table Plans
Seal the border, end abortion, extra kids can harvest our food...
Former heavyweight Mike Huckabee has a nutrition based immigration plan that replaces illegal immigrants with new homegrown American babies. October 22. Iowa Christian Club Celebration of Vegetables
Daily Racing Rag Huckabee's Hound Dog
Former Arkansas Governor's sidekick singing second cousin...
Mike Huckabee says his singing second cousin on his sister's side, Ellis, is one for the money and two for the show. October 5. Iowa State Fairgounds and Raceway Oldies Night
Daily Racing RagHuckabee Issues Gag Order
Las Vegas writer was edited for purely political reasons...
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee issued the order to change the punchline of a joke from Britany Spears to Paris Hilton because Spears has been a loyal Republican and outspoken supporter of President Bush. The line was used before a dispirited conservative crowd and drew few laughs in the gloomy atmosphere. March 20. Las Vegas Stardust OTB
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