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Revisit the classic 2008 Presidential Derby
Obama drew clear down the stretch and won going away! November 4, 2008
Democratic National Committee
   68,785 votes for Democrats listed by order of finish
 Barack Obama
 Hillary Clinton OUT endorsed Obama
 John Edwards OUT endorsed Obama
 Bill Richardson OUT endorsed Obama
 Joe Biden OUT endorsed Obama
 Chris Dodd OUT endorsed Obama
 Dennis Kucinich OUT endorsed Obama
 Mike Gravel OUT endorsed Bob Barr
Republican National Committee
   41,771 votes for Republicans listed by order of finish

 John McCain
 Mike Huckabee OUT endorsed McCain
 Mitt Romney OUT endorsed McCain
 Ron Paul OUT endorsed Bob Barr
 Rudy Giuliani OUT endorsed McCain
 Fred Thompson OUT endorsed McCain
 Duncan Hunter OUT endorsed Huckabee
 Tom Tancredo OUT endorsed Huckabee
Daily Racing Rag... exclusive reports on the Presidential Derby... if everybody else had these reports they wouldn't be exclusive.
Obama Climbs Mountaintop
The hopes and dreams of millions have finally been realized. History was made as Barack Obama has shattered the color barrier forever.
November 4, 2008 Mount Martin Luther King USA
Obama Yes We Dooby-doo
Obama makes history as new top dawg and leader of the pack.No matter what breed of dawg it's a great day for all Americans.
November 4, 2008 Chicago Celebration Park
Early Voters Favor Obama
One day left in longest election of a lifetime...
Voters are being reminded to vote everywhere they go.
November 3, 2008 Swing State Sports Arena.
Sarah Goes Both Ways
Sarah Palin usually winks right but sometimes winks left...
Palin is a favorite among compulsive conservative winkers and non-thinkers.
October 25, 2008. Winkersville West Virginia
Dumb and Plumber
Joe snakes new swamp as uneducated McCain surrogate...
Joe the Plumber is now campaigning with John the POW and Sarah the Mooseslayer.
October 24, 2008. McCain Campaign HQ
Drudge Reports Hoax
McCain barn instantly falls for hoax and looks foolish again...
A shamed Matt Drudge now wears his backwards B as repentence for blogging sins.
October 23, 2008. Drudgeons and Dragons
McCain Approved Outfits
Republicans spend $150,000 playing dress-up with Sarah...
Audit shows another $15,000 spent on hair, make-up and camel wax.
October 21, 2008. McCain Ranch Honeymoon Cabin AZ
McCain Losing In Nevada
The craps table has not often been kind to angry gamblers...
Experts say angry gamblers often lose control and crap out in the game of craps.
October 17, 2008. Palms Casino Las Vegas
McCain Needs Comeback
Republican says "We've got 'em right where we want 'em"...
Going into the final debate McCain is going to have to pull out all the stops.
October 14, 2008. Presidential Debate Round 3
Sarah Seeks Swing Voters
Sarah Palin campaigns in NHL hockey team locker room...
Players were not overly impressed since the local TV female sports anchor is hot.
October 11, 2008. Penguins Locker Room PA
Sarah: "He's An Animal"
Palin watchers say First Dude has never been so romantic...
Todd Palin reasons that as long as we're in politics we'll need new voters.
October 10, 2008. Beaverville Airport Nebraska
Cindy Flips Wig At Obama
McCains in Ohio spew angry personal attacks on Obamas...
Cindy got so mad it was several seconds before she realized her wig flew off.
October 9, 2008. McCain Rally Heartland OH OTB
McCain Loves A Maverick
Sarah Palin says we're darn happy goin' round campaignin'...
Sarah's "Maverick" tattoo on her lower back is said to delight McCain endlessly.
October 8, 2008. McCain Luxury Condo #11
McMaverick Needs Flush
Maverick Gal Palin deals ace of spades off bottom of deck...
McCain's maverick surge betting strategy hasn't paid off yet and his chips are now all in on a weak hand.
October 6, 2008. McCain Mountain Maverick Saloon
Palin Preps For Debate
Says Miss Alaska contest was good preparation for politics...
McCain chose Sarah because she has all the right assets he feels most comfortable with.
September 27, 2008. McCain Mountain Practice Debate Room
Kissinger Tries Diplomacy
Kissinger wants private one hour weekly sessions...
Sarah said she couldn't understand a word said because of his thick accent but otherwise everything went great.
September 24, 2008. Kissinger Deli & OTB
Bush Begs For Mercy
Bush needs $666 billion to buy back soul he sold years ago...
Bush's day of reckoning is coming and his pain will be eternal and in Hell which is much worse than El Paso.
September 23, 2008. Deep in the Heart of Texas
13 Cars 8 Homes $100M
First Lady McCain will keep in touch with the little people...
As the owner of 2 private jet planes she can attend ceremonies in her honor too far away to travel by limousine.
September 22, 2008. McCain Mountain Private Expressway
Honeymoon Bulge Gone
Palin lipstick not able to keep McCain up in latest polls...
McCain's strategy to create a new surge reportedly includes a blonde wig and a private jet ride with Sarah.
September 18, 2008. McCain Change Daily Rally
Grandpa Made A Big Mess
Economic meltdown due to deregulation philosophy...
Republicans McCain and Gramm were the leading advocates of deregulation.
September 17, 2008. Springfield Town Hall
Sarah Palin No Tina Fey
Amy Poehler knows Tina and says Sarah not comparable...
Amy says there's no way Sarah Palin is even half as talented as Tina Fey.
September 15, 2008. SNL Monday Breakfast
McCains Deboned On View
Cindy says of TV show hosts "they picked our bones clean!"...
The Senator lied to defend lies and Cindy refused to say how many nests they own.
September 13, 2008. The View Aerial TV
Abstinence Class Expands
Palin welcomed home by Alaskan abstinence class students...
A baby boom from Alaskan unwed teenage girls proves abstinence from sex education and contraceptives is a highly effective means of creating more babies.
September 10, 2008. Alaska Welcome Home Sarah Rally
Love Republican Style
Giddy Grandpa swoons like a lovestruck teenager...
Meanwhile Cindy McCain has been busy jewelry and clothes shopping and flying cross-country in her private jet.
September 8, 2008. McCain Love Bus One
Grandpa Falls In Love
Senator McCain's dream girl now running mate, "Ain't she sweet!"...John McCain may be 72 years old but he says he feels a frisky 44 lately.
September 7, 2008. Ohio Holiday Inn Presidential Suite
McCain says George Who?
McCain seems to be hiding from George Bush while seeking White House... McCain did not once mention the name George Bush at the GOP convention.
September 6, 2008. White House Oil Field One
McCain Roars To Life
Says FIGHT WITH ME 27 times amid chants of P...O...W...
McCain reiterated for the 2,276th time that he survived almost 6 years as a POW in the Viet Nam war.
September 4, 2008. Minneapolis Arena of Natural History
GOP Party In Progress
Hurricane blows Bush and Cheney out of town...
McCain made the conservative evangelical right wing of the party delirious with his flat earth running mate.
September 3, 2008. Minneapolis Convention Center
McCain Still Former POW
POW story losing 24/7 news coverage to Palin roadkill crisis...
McCain reiterated that he survived 6 years as a POW by creating mental fantasies of fertile white beauty queens.
September 3, 2008. PBS Docudrama POW...Prison, Sex and Politics
Putin's Red Nose Revenge
Tony Tiger shot in retaliation for shooting death of Rudolph...
Santa speaks 114 languages including Russian and reaction to his tearful tirade has sparked international outrage.
September 2, 2008. PBS Docudrama Tigerkistan Triangle...Trial of Tigers
Santa Cancels Christmas
"Sarah Palin shot Rudolph the Reindeer... kiss my Alaska!"...
Santa's voice cracked during his emotional and tearful tirade saying "Just a freaking caribou to you!"
September 1, 2008. PBS Docudrama Santa's Artic Circle...Ring of Destruction
McCain Offers Sex Change
McCain swoons for soulmate Palin after eHarmony match up. Palin's belief in teaching creationism and abstinence-only sex education, opposition to abortion (even rape and incest), rejection of global warming as a hoax, and call for a ban on stem cell research, made for a 98% eHarmony match and won McCain's heart immediately.
August 31, 2008. McCain-Palin Ticket Debut Rally
McCain Searched His Soul
McCain campaign insider describes VP selection process...
McCain looked far to the north where the sun doesn't shine to find the most unqualified VP nominee in history.
August 30, 2008. McCain Practice Mansion Bathroom #6
White House Bunny
McCain chooses first Republican female VP running mate...
McCain shocked everybody by selecting Sarah Palin, a 44 year-old former beauty queen and current Alaska Governor. Cindy, age 54, has been demoted from First Lady to House Bunny.
August 29, 2008. McCain Arizona Practice Mansion
Mile High Fire Works
Barack Obama's speech gutted McCain on policies, temperment and judgement... Obama thrilled 85,000 supporters, laid out specific policies, blasted McCain and unified the Democratic party.
August 28, 2008. Mile High Stadium Denver
For The Love Of God!
Biden prays for "No sequel to this tragedy of the last 8 years"... Delaware Senator Joe Biden accepted the Democratic nomination for Vice President and called the Bush/McCain foreign and economic policies abysmal failures. August 27, 2008. Democratic Convention
Enough Already Goddamit!
Americans eager to say NO to 4 more years of the last 8 years... George Bush and John McCain are one and the same on 95% of all issues and were both named outstanding contributors to the cause of world confligration at an event almost a mile beneath the President's ranch in Texas.
August 24, 2008. Crawford Caverns Annual Hellicious BBQ
Homes Sweet Homes
Forgetful McCain prepares for move into White House...
McCain had prepared a soundbite but left his notecard in one of his 26 bathrooms in one of his 11 different houses and can't remember which bathroom he used.
August 22, 2008. McCain Realty Auction
Drill Here Drill Now
McCain hits gusher of mindless slogans for undecided voters... McCain promised even more real simple slogans for real simple people.
August 20, 2008. McCain Practice Mansion
The Purpose Driven Lie
McCain not in "cone of silence" in clever magic trick...
Obama, TV viewers and a church audience were skillfully duped by master magician/author/pastor Rick Warren.
August 19, 2008. Rich White Neighborhood News
McCain Tells Fairy Tale
No whopper too big for McCain and Republican faithful...
A new ad being prepared has Jesus Christ himself looking into a camera and endorsing McCain.
August 19, 2008. Saddleback Church Video Production Studio
McCain Story Plagarized
McCain's compelling POW story stolen by dead Russian...
"As he waited, head down, he felt a presence. Slowly he looked up and saw a skinny old prisoner sqaut down beside him. The man said nothing. Instead, he used a stick to trace in the dirt the sign of the Cross."A Solzhenitsyn
Gulag Archipelago

August 18, 1961. KGB News Napkin Book Review
Cone Of Silence?
McCain eavesdropping shocks church security guard...
McCain condones eavesdropping and plagarism in cases of national security.
August 17, 2008. Saddleback Church Cone Of Silence
McCain Pans Putin Eyes
McCain looked deep but only saw a K, a G, and a B...
Bush apparently misread the letters as a K, a F, and a C.
August 14, 2008. KGB News Napkin and KFC Menu
Warmongers On Warpath
Old men eager to see Armegeddon before Alzheimer's sets in... McCain strategists called the Russian invasion of Georgia a plus for the elderly candidate's campaign and enough to offset McCain's TV's worst comedy act award.
August 14, 2008. Chickenhawk's Finger Lickin' Lounge
Bush Goes For War Record
War President eager to start record third war while in office...
Bush is ready to send troops to attack Russians in Georgia on a collossal suicide mission but if he also sent troops to attack Iran he could start a Satan-pleasing fourth war and assure his immortality as the most blood thirsty President ever.
August 14, 2008. White House Mirror Room
Georgia On His Mind
Obama soulfully promises to defend Ray Charles homeland...
Charles family fears Russia invaded Georgia to steal Ray's master recordings.
August 13, 2008. Moscow Blockbuster Blues Blowout
Mac On The Idiot Box
McCain named worst comedy act to have 100 TV appearances... McCain edged out Nipsy Russell by not getting a single laugh during his 17th appearance on The Daily Show.
August 12, 2008. Celebrity Bee List News
Ridge In VP Olympics
McCain feels comfortable with a war hero as his butler...
Tom Ridge hasn't carried water since serving as an Army Sargeant in Viet Nam.
August 10, 2008. McCain Practice Mansion
McCain Comforts Edwards
McCain confided he was also once an adulterous scumbag...
McCain was 42 when he dumped his wife and kids for a 24 year old Miss Buffalo Chip.
August 9, 2008. Adulterers Anonymous
Bush/Cheney War Crimes
Cheney ordered forged documents that led to Iraq invasion...
Both men deserve to be prosecuted and if proven guilty...nah...that won't happen.
August 11, 2008. SUSSKIND OTB & DELI
Cindy Shipped To Belgium
McCain approves sale of Cindy to foreign-owned corporation...
Cindy's personal shoppers and their staff will lose their jobs.
August 9, 2008. DHL Bon Voyage Party Central OH
Obama Family Related
Father, mother and two daughters all live in same house...
At least one grandparent on both sides of the family are younger than McCain.
August 7, 2008. Obama Family Photo Night SD
Romney Too Ready
Mitt more than eager to dig into Vice Presidential duties...
President McCain looks like he has both feet in the grave next to vibrant Vice President Romney.
August 6, 2008. McCain White House 2011
Born To Be Wild And Funny
Miss Buffalo Chip keeps comedian McCain's motor running...
McCain defended entering Cindy in the Sturgis Miss Buffalo Chip contest and added "Va va va Voom!"
August 6, 2008. Sturgis Wild Hair Salon
McCains Wow Biker Gang
Comedian McCain enters Cindy in bawdy beauty contest...
Dozens of Sturgis bound bikers revved their Harley-Davidsons in a roar of approval.
August 5, 2008. Harley Horse Camp SD
McCain Comedy Record
McCain puts his "I No Respect Obama" routine on vinyl...
McCain is offering the record free with a $50 donation.
August 2, 2008. McCain Comedy Records
McCain New Comedy King
Comedian claims victories in both French Fry revolutions...
McCain says he's "the One" who knows how to win wars.
August 4, 2008. McCain Mountain Food Court Throne Room.
Biggest Joke In The World?
McCain says his Obama attack ad is a hilarious sidesplitter...
McCain added it would a be kneeslapper but after years of dealing with the Bush administration he doesn't bend over anymore.
August 2, 2008. McCain Improv Comedy Club
Weird Ad Mystery Solved
Who's the biggest celebrity in the world of slime politics?...
Bizarre new RoveWorld ads are calculated to help McCain somehow.
August 1, 2008. RoveWorld Media Bldg.
Cantor Ready To Serve
Virginia Congressman can help teach McCain how to email...
Unknown public servant has temperment to be compatible with McCain.
August 2, 2008. McCain VP HQ.
McCain Whacks A Mole
McCain was upset that the mole upstaged his oil well skit...
McCain stood in the hot sun to say that skin cancer patients should stay out of the hot sun.
July 29, 2008. McChevron Oilfield #6.
Globetrotter Obama Scores
Obama addresses Unity Convention of minority journalists...
Barack just back from abroad spoke for 40 minutes without any turnovers or personal fouls.
July 28, 2008. Chicago Unity Dome
Mac Attacks Obama Trip
McCain thinks successful Obama trip was pretentious...
McCain had just visited Canada, Columbia and Mexico but hardly anyone seemed to notice he was gone.
July 27, 2008. McCain/Blackbird Security Inc.
Obama Weak On Defense
Obama scores with troops despite lax defense on jump shots...Obama blamed his weak defense on a sore hip from yesterday's game in Afghanistan.
July 26, 2008. US Army Halliburton Arena
Portman Ready To Serve
Ohioan has temperment to be compatible with McCain...
McCain received advice from the Burger King on VP selection.
July 25, 2008. McCain Mountain VP Selection Commitee
Pawlenty Ready To Serve
Minnesotan has temperment to be compatible with McCain...
McCain received advice from the Burger King on VP selection.
July 24, 2008. McCain Mountain VP Selection Commitee
McCain Declares Victory
Bush awards McCain Silver Star for incongruous victory spin...McCain's battle was waged against the Bush administration, who for years resisted a 10% increase in troop numbers in Iraq. McCain urged all Americans to celebrate McCain's victory.
July 23, 2008. War College Class Reunion Photo Booth
McCain Visits King
King offers McCain part-time job in case of November defeat...McCain's ambidexterous ability to flip burgers pleases the King greatly.
July 24, 2008. Manchester Burger King Castle.
Banned in Baghdad
Iraqi leader Maliki no fan of surf music, likes Obama diddy...
McCain's diplomatic efforts will require a new theme song.
July 22, 2008. KRAQ Radio Baghdad Bottom 100 Countdown.
Obama Hears New Mix
Petraeus lays down new tracks without Bush overdubs...
A & R dept. says the unfiltered realistic tone of the new tracks is a breath of fresh air. July 21, 2008. Big RaQ Records Baghdad.
Rudy Manboobs Enormous
Giuliani packs on pounds since humiliating primary defeat...
McCain was shocked by the sight of his former once thin rival. July 19, 2008. Yankee Stadium All Star Contest.
Terminator Says Not Here
California future not connected to offshore oil drilling...
The governor says research on alternate energy sources is progressing rapidly. July 19, 2008. California Tourism Council.
McCain Flip About Flops
Senator McCain on both sides of flip-flop issue...
McCain is simultaneously on offense and defense in a seesaw battle.
July 19, 2008. McCain Mountain Press Box OTB
Bush Legacy In Postage US Postal Service already at work designing stamps...
The Postal Service wants to recap the highlights of the Bush presidency.
July 18, 2008. USPS College of Stamp Design
Democrats Drive Forward
A new generation of leadership vehicles has arrived...
The gas guzzlers of the past have been replaced with fuel efficient hybrid models.
July 17, 2008. End Of Era Clearance Sale.
Ready On Day One 1919
McCain can't navigate the internet or send an email...
McCain often uses homing pigeons and employs a full time pigeon keeper.
July 16, 2008. McCain Senate Office Bldg. Roof
Flatulence Empties Studio
McLaughlin stops political discussion with eye-burning fart...
The talk show host had just called Obama an "Oreo" then cut loose a noxious old man fart that had guests gasping.
July 14, 2008. Washington D.C. Health and Sanitation Dept.
Cindy Loves Bud and Speed
First Lady McCain will promote Budweiser and auto racing...
As owner/operator of the #3 beer distributor in America, Cindy aims to be number #1.
July 13, 2008. McCain Mountain Raceway
Lame Duck On China Menu
Obama worries Chinese may stir fry cheerleader President...
The next President will have enough on his plate without an embarassing Bush incident at the summer Olympics.
July 13, 2008. African-Chinese BBQ and Music Festival
Doctors Okay Dream Ticket
McCain strategy depends on Wyoming and warmonger vote...
Cheney was said to be pleased to be alive but could not be located for comment.
July 12, 2008. McCain Mountain VIP Lounge
Obama's Nuts Cut Off
Jesse Jackson says he's really really really sorry...
Obama never received his gift "Nuts" magazine subscription from an anonymous person living in the UK because Jesse Jackson cancelled the subscription online.
July 11, 2008. NoNewsNetwork UK
Whine Whine Whine
McCain's top economic advisor spits up on American whines... Former Texas Senator Phil Gramm insulted America as a "nation of whiners" having a "mental recession".
July 10, 2008. McCain Mountain Wine Cellar
Airstream One Grounded
McCain's demoted campaign chief blames aging trailer fleet...
Despite tires only eight years old the McCain campaign is moving unusually slow.
July 9, 2008. McCain Mountain AZ
Leos Born To Lead
Obama leadership seen in stars by earthbound astrologers...
With a birthday of Aug. 4 Obama was born under the constellation of Leo the Lion.
July 8, 2008. North America Plains
Allen Endorses McCain
Former Virginia Senator surprised by McCain visit...
George Allen was relaxing at his vacation villa on the Caribbean island.
July 7, 2008. McCaCaw Islands Airport
Daily Racing Rag
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