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Daily Racing Rag SPECIAL REPORT: The 2008 Presidential Campaign of Senator Chris Dodd D-CT
Daily Racing Rag Obama Singers Harmonize
John Edwards to sing with the Obama Barbershop Quartet...
Roll out the barrel because happy days may soon be here again for barbershop quartets nationwide.
May 15. American Barbershop Idols Showdown
Daily Racing Rag Dodd Beards For Obama
"Hillary is toast" despite leads in Kentucky and West Virginia...
Senator Dodd also said he thought an Obama/Clinton ticket was doubtful. May 12. Dodd Family Old Kentucky Home
Daily Racing Rag Performance Enhanced
Substance and amity found in final Iowa Democratic debate...
Iowans say the candidates should be that nice to each other more often. One woman said the candidates were so pleasant it was like they were on the same medication she uses. December 14. Johnson City Raceway OTB
Daily Racing Rag Senator Says Not So Fast
Chris Dodd wants primary voters to rethink frontrunners...
Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd insists there are issues to discuss and he's still in this race despite polls still showing him to be near last place. October 28. Manchester Downs Breeders Cup Conference
Daily Racing Rag Definitely Not Doddering
Fur flys as firefighters favorite faces off to fight fire with fire...
Senator Chris Dodd, who has been endorsed by fire fighters unions, got in a rude reporter's face to say he's still in this race despite polls showing him to be near last place. October 7. New Hampshire Fire Prevention Convention
Daily Racing Rag Dodd Charms Leprechauns
Senator Dodd is building a coalition from the ground up...
After a long St. Patricks Day weekend of Irish music and merriment, including at least 5 parades and more than a dozen parties, Chris Dodd thinks he addressed a convention of Leprechaun-Americans at some point in the past 36 hours. March 19. Boston Garden Annex OTB
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