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Daily Racing Rag SPECIAL REPORT: The 2008 Presidential Campaign of Senator Hillary Clinton D-NY
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Wins South Dakota
Clinton finishes the long campaign with an upset victory...
After 17 months the closest Democratic primary race in history has ended. June 3. South Dakota Derby Winners Circle
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Wins Puerto Rico
"La Vida Loca" of Hillary's historic campaign is almost over...
Ricky Martin provided the music and promised to never support another Republican. June 1. San Clinton Beach Resort
Daily Racing Rag Peace Process Begins
Nobel Peace Prize winner to help negotiate end of conflict...
Former President Jimmy Carter says he's certain everything can be resolved and Democratic party unity achieved.
May 26. Carter Center Dispute Resoultion Arena and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Wins West Virginia
Senator Clinton deserves her victory lap in West Virginia...
Hillary's supporters get at least one more day to celebrate. Now on to Kentucky. May 13. West Virginia Democratic Derby
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Digs Down Deep
Senator Clinton has deep support and leads in West Virginia...
Hillary proudly claims that she's a cousin of coal miners daughter who knows how to stand by her man.
May 11. West Virginia Coalition for Coal and Clinton
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Outswum In Guam
Obama paddles hard for slim 7 vote victory in Guam Derby...
Obama has now swept all of the oceanic island aquatic equestrian Democratic party primary and caucus races.
May 3. Seahorse Park, Island of Guam
Daily Racing Rag Bigger Balls Than Rocky
North Carolina Governor Mike Easley endorses Hillary Clinton...
Easley, who previously endorsed Edwards, went on to say "This here lady makes Rocky Balboa look like a pansy." April 30. Clinton High School Auditorium Clinton NC
Daily Racing Rag Mile High Club Debate?
Hillary says how about doing it one mile high in a helicopter?...
Hillary says other possible locations include on the back of a flat bed truck, on a park bench or in the back of a minivan. She says Pastor Wright can also come too... April 27. Indianapolis Hotel Helipad
Daily Racing Rag He Says We Did It Enough
Barack says no because they've done it more than 20 times...
Hillary says one more time for old times sake, Barack says enough is enough... April 26. Indy Brew 102 Motel and OTB
Daily Racing Rag She Wants To Do It Again
Once Hillary debated Barack there was no going back...
Hillary says let's do it again anytime or anywhere... April 25. Indy 500 Seat Convention Hall Indianapolis
Daily Racing Rag HRC Rings Liberty Bell
Hillary wins Pennsylvania Blue Collar Derby by 10 lengths...
"The American people don't quit. And they deserve a President who doesn't quit either..." April 22. Pennsylvania Park
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Ready For Hunt
Senator Clinton not bitter but loves guns and God anyway...
The controversy over Obama's "bitter" comments continued with Hillary's demonstration that she's no elitist...
April 15. Penn Gun Shop, Saloon and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Promises Artillery
Pennsylvania pistol makers can count on big orders forever...
Good old American hard work and ingenuity has helped supply the entire world's urgent need for still more weapons. Senator Clinton says we need those jobs now more than ever.... April 8. Pennsylvania Armory Museum
Daily Racing Rag Dems Use Gutter Tactics
Both Hillary and Obama throw campaign gutter balls...
Insiders say they are trying to demonstrate that they are human and regular folks by being bad bowlers...
April 7. Pittsburg Blue Collar Lanes and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Stays On Message
Senator says bread and butter issues build strong muscles...
Hillary is reaching out to hardworking Pennsylvanians who dislike weakness, especially in the economy.
March 12. Pittsburgh Power Gym and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Empowers Women
Clinton agenda asks women to help make America stronger...
Cowboy diplomacy and that annoying cocksure swagger are failures. Hillary says America will come back after Bush finally goes back to the ranch for good. March 7. Pennsylvania Bodybuilders for Rebuilding America (PBRA) Conference
Daily Racing Rag Baby's Come Back
Hillary rides thrilling victories in Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas...
Senator Clinton has won brand new life and this Democratic horserace is far from over. March 4. Ohio Derby Grandstand
Daily Racing Rag All Hell Breaks Loose
Texas Democrats torn apart over Obama or Clinton decision...
Barack Obama has caught and past Hillary Clinton in the latest polls going into Tuesday's primary and caucus.
March 1. Texas Political BBQ HQ and OTB
Daily Racing Rag No More Mrs. Niceguy
Hillary apologizes for being too nice and promises to battle...
After 10 consecutive primary defeats Senator Clinton realizes that she has to get tough and go after the frontrunner Obama or her odds are long. February 24. Ohio Downs Morning Workouts
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Takes It To Texas
Senator must win or go home on the horse she rode in on...
New York Senator Hillary Clinton has a well organized campaign and many of her most loyal voter groups but the exploding Obama bandwagon may be impossible for her to stop. February 20. El Paso Equestrian Arena and OTB
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Delegates Victory
New York and California wins give Hillary the most delegates...
New York Senator Hillary Clinton picked up enough convention delegates in yesterday's Super Duper 22 race card to be the overall leader. However, Obama won 13 of the 22 state races on the day. February 6. New York Aqueduct Raceway
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Focused On Victory
Senator Clinton always first on track for morning workouts...
Hillary's Hall of Fame trainer and former President, Bill Clinton, knows these final days before the Super Duper Derby on February 5th are crucial and says all eyes are on the prize and they're ready to run... January 23. America Downs Morning Workouts
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Wins Nevada Game
Clinton and Obama split all delegates, Edwards shut out...
Hillary managed to lower expexctations again making the victory seem surprising and giving the impression that she's really got momentum for the coming high stakes games... January 19. Las Vegas Billion Dollar Poker Causcus
Daily Racing Rag Bill's Riding Shotgun
"Hillary Clinton is more important than Sarah Connor, baby"...
The Vice Presidential candidate is traditionally assigned the attack dog role. However, Bill has taken up the job for now and has repeatedly flashed anger in defense of Hillary... January 18. Las Vegas Convention Center Lethal Weaponry Show
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Played Kitty Card
Hillary's softer side won women voters in New Hampshire...
When Senator Clinton teared up answering a question hearts were fluttering all over New Hampshire. As many as 10,000 votes may have swung to Hillary in the final two days of her victorious New Hampshire campaign. January 9. National Kitty Photo Day
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Wins Photo Finish
Obama eases up at wire and Hillary scoots by on the rail...
Everybody thought that Barack Obama had won New Hampshire but Hillary staged an emotional last second comeback victory that shocked just about everybody. January 8. Manchester Downs Derby Day Press Box
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Takes Down Obama
Debate in New Hampshire features takedowns on flipflops...
Senator Clinton was on the offensive to prove she deserves a victory in what has become a smackdown cage match with Senator Obama. January 6. New Hampshire Debate Derby Paddock Area
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Ready For Stretch
New Hampshire and Iowa campaigns sprint to the wire...
With just two weeks remaining Senator Hillary Clinton is running about a half length ahead in New Hampshire and a half length behind in Iowa... December 20. Iowa Downs Raceway and Fairgrounds
Daily Racing Rag Performance Enhanced
Substance and amity found in final Iowa Democratic debate...
Iowans say the candidates should be that nice to each other more often. One woman said the candidates were so pleasant it was like they were on the same medication she uses. December 14. Johnson City Raceway OTB
Daily Racing Rag Bus Drivers For Hillary
Clinton endorsed by bus drivers union. Bus riders undecided...
Spokesman Ralph Kramden arrived on time to say the union would help shuttle Clinton's campaign to a primary victory and then drive a 1000 bus caravan to the White House in 2008. November 30. Des Moines Downtown Bus Depot OTB
Daily Racing Rag Foe's Fuss Over Fuzz
Edwards says Hillary is fuzzy, Giuliani says her hair is frizzy...
The frontrunner reacted calmly to the critcism saying her goal is to find solutions to fuzzy issues but apologized for a bad hair day saying "My hair was not at it's best". November 10. Des Moines Beauty College and Laundromat OTB
Daily Racing Rag Birthday Cake Fire Rages
Hillary's giant 60th birthday cake briefly flames out of control...
The blaze was roaring until with Bill's help Hillary was able to blow out the candles. Official estimates ranged up to 200,000 calories as large sections of the vanilla cake were consumed. October 26. Manchester Downs Turf Club Banquet Room
Daily Racing Rag Ancient Debate On Island?
Ancient island idol bears striking resemblance to Hillary...
One native island psychic claims Hillary may be the reincarnated Queen of the lost continent of Atlantis Morrisette. October 16. Eastern Islands Archipelago OTB
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Raises $27 Million
Senator Clinton raises the stakes $27 million for 3rd quarter...
Hillary Clinton continues collecting enough chips from individual contributions to use many of the high stakes game playing tactics those chips can afford. October 3. Dogwood Downs Casino and Poker Club
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Builds Brick House
Senator Clinton racks up bricklayers union endorsement...
100,000 International Union of Bricklayers and Craftworkers members looked at all sides of the issues and they stacked up overwhelmingly for Clinton's positions. September 25. Bricklayer's Convention Atlantic City Racebook Bar
Daily Racing Rag Hillary Won't Go There
Senator Clinton tells magazine she's definitely not a lesbian...
"People will say what they're going to say". Hillary added that she is grateful for her many friends and supporters who choose alternative lifestyles but she has a horny hubby at home. September 21. Fire Island Raceway Fashion Boutique
Daily Racing Rag Clintons Out Together
Clintons emphasize unity and teamwork on campaign trail...
Hillary and Bill wore matching powder blue outfits as Hillary said that Democrats will need to unite like never before to undo the damage done by the Bush administration. August 21. Granite Downs Paddock Area
Daily Racing Rag It Takes An Island
Clintons fly south to swank island resort for spring break...

In a big budget remake of an episode previously seen on the TV show "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"... Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea were off on a fabulous getaway holiday at the luxury island resort home of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, Hillary's unofficial Secretary of Fashion. April 25. Dominican Downs Clubhouse
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